Kobiton Now Offers Internal Device Lab Management

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Turning to Kobiton for managing internal devices and accessing external devices minimizes costs and increases testing coverage, helping businesses get their apps to market sooner.

ATLANTA – Gaining access to the devices companies need to test their mobile products on is difficult, inefficient and expensive. To help address this growing business challenge, the experts at Kobiton, a mobile device cloud platform, today introduced internal device lab management using their cloud technology. By combining this management of internal devices with Kobiton’s existing lab of devices, companies can now access the internal and external devices they need through one convenient cloud-based platform, which saves money, increases valuable testing time and boosts collaboration.

Testing teams across offices can simply plug in to Kobiton’s mobile device cloud platform to access internal devices, with the opportunity to supplement their own testing capacity with Kobiton devices in the cloud. Using Kobiton can easily save companies tens of thousands of dollars per year and boost their testing coverage.

“We heard business horror stories from our partners and clients, who were paying full-time employees to inefficiently manage hundreds of devices across multiple offices with a spreadsheet,” explained Vu Lam, founder of Kobiton and KMS Technology, the company behind popular testing tool QASymphony. “When a device was needed in one location, but was physically in another, they’d have to drive across town, buy a new one one, or just skip testing. Managing device labs has become a drain on companies’  budgets, and more importantly, impacts the availability of real devices to test on, ultimately compromising a product’s quality and reputation.”

“Solving business challenges with innovative software solutions, like QASymphony and now Kobiton, is ingrained into the culture at KMS Technology,” added Josh Lieberman, Kobiton co-founder and president of KMS Technology. “We applied our experience in testing mobile products to solving how to give companies affordable ways to manage internal device labs and test on real devices.”

Since its launch in November 2016, testers have logged more than 500,000 testing minutes via the Kobiton mobile device cloud platform.

Simple, flexible and affordable

Kobiton is simple to use and easy to deploy, offering convenient anytime, anywhere access to internal and external devices. This reduces cost and increases productivity to help businesses get better quality mobile products into the market more quickly. A centralized history of testing sessions by device is accessible to the entire team, which provides everyone access to insights that boost collaboration.

Supplementing internal lab capacity with the devices in Kobiton’s robust cloud-based platform expands access to the number of devices the team can test on, which increases quality, reliability and reduces the investment of owning all of the most current devices.

Access to Kobiton is offered through a monthly or annual subscription based on the number of devices needed to test, the number of testers and, when using Kobiton devices, how many testing minutes are used. Visit Kobiton.com for more information on the subscription plans or to sign up for a 15 day free trial.

About Kobiton

Atlanta-based Kobiton is the complete mobile device cloud platform companies need to manage the devices they own and access the real devices they want. Simple to use, easy to access from anywhere and flexible enough to scale capacity across internal or external devices, Kobiton minimizes costs while increasing productivity, helping businesses get their apps to market sooner.

The mobile device cloud platform offers centralized testing history and insights to improve collaboration across teams; access to the most in-demand mobile devices to supplement existing inventory and significant cost savings.

Visit kobiton.com to learn more.

About KMS Technology

KMS Technology was founded by a team of information technology veterans in the United States and Vietnam with a vision of building an agile, innovative and efficient organization that increases our client’s shareholder value.

KMS provides services across the software development lifecycle through partnerships with clients ranging from start-ups to large technology companies. We offer two main service lines: Offshore Product Development and Independent Software Testing.

Our objective with our clients is to collaboratively build success stories. With every client’s engagement, we expect both KMS Technology and our clients to share stories of successful projects, products and relationships that we grow and develop each day. We are proud to say that since the start of KMS Technology, 100% of our client is ecstatic and reference-able. If you are interested in learning more about KMS Technology and working with us to write your own success story, contact us.

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