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Reduced mobile time to market

Meeting Modern Demands

Testing across all devices

Drive More Mobile Revenue

Enhanced testing and automation solutions

Deliver Outstanding Mobile Experiences to Every Retail Channel

About 25% of users abandon an app after just one use. In the realm of eCommerce mobile apps, this user behavior directly impacts revenue. Kobiton’s Device Lab Management package offers a comprehensive solution, allowing businesses to run automation, test functionality, and measure performance seamlessly, enhancing both user experience and revenue potential.

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Validate the Customer’s Journey Every Step of the Way

Optimizing the visual elements of your mobile app is essential for product details to be fully visible on all customer screens. As top retailers strive for the best mobile app experiences, the need for pixel-perfect visuals grows. Engage in rich visual testing to guarantee a consistently smooth appearance across all devices.

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Boost the Shopping Experience and Avoid Poor App Store Ratings

To excel in today’s mobile landscape, emulate apps that enhance the shopping experience with impeccable speed and performance. Prioritize accessibility testing, on-premises deployment, robust cloud security, and promptly address common questions to swiftly improve app store ratings from mediocre to outstanding.

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Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

Leveraging Kobiton’s thorough digital and manual device testing, retailers can prevent cart abandonment and maintain an optimized mobile experience. Without this meticulous approach, you risk losing customers to competitors or due to device-specific glitches.

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