AI Augmented Testing

Kobiton’s AI enhanced mobile testing platform enables your team to automate and execute more tests in less time through Appium script generation, no-code testing, and self-healing.

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More Automation, More Coverage, Less Time

Turbo Charge Your Automation Team

Generate Appium scripts from a manual session with a click, making your automation experts more productive

Enable Everyone to Automate

No-Code testing allows manual testers to re-run their manual test sessions across device configurations

Eliminate Flaky Scripts

Our AI engine provides self-healing script execution so scripts don’t flake out.

Benefits of AI-Augmented Testing

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Higher Automation Coverage

Get to a higher percentage of automation faster with Kobiton AI assisting all team members to automate more tests in parallel across more devices.

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Giving your team the tools they need to generate scripts or go codeless will make them more productive and drive your apps forward.

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Automating and executing more tests earlier in the dev cycle ensures your users have a better experience.

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Supercharge Continuous Integration in mobile testing with the power of AI. Accelerate your development pipeline, ensuring efficient testing, reducing bottlenecks, and delivering high-quality mobile apps faster than ever before.

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AI-Powered Mobile Testing Trained on Over 80 Million Tests

Experience the future of AI mobile testing with Appium script generation, no-code automation, crash detection, visual testing, performance checks, self-healing scripts, and AI trained on over 80 million tests.

Appium Script Generation

Generate appium scripts from any manual session

No-Code Test Automation

Perform a manual test on one device and execute that same test across your other real devices automatically.

Automated Crash Detection

With Kobiton’s intelligent test automation software, quickly replay your automation test on hundreds of devices to find crash scenarios.

Visual Testing made for mobile.

Execute your test script on hundreds of devices with automatic visual anomaly detection

Baked-in performance assertions

Kobiton is making Performance issues a thing of the past with baked-in Performance assertions.

Self-healing script execution

Say goodbye to “NoSuchElement” exceptions thanks to self-healing test scripts.

Bridge the Gap to Automation

A high percentage of test automation is one of the calling cards of the mobile app elite. The ability to do regression testing practically on demand, but certainly nightly brings mobile app quality and delivery to another level.

Begin Here: The transition from manual to automated

What if you could automate the replaying of your manual test sessions in parallel across real devices with just a few clicks? Well, that is what Kobiton No-Code automation provides. Driven by AI, we allow manual testers to automate through scriptless testing.

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Next Level: Making automation experts more productive

What if you could generate appium scripts from manual sessions? Automation engineers would never start from scratch again. Give your team a headstart with automated Appium script generation.

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