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Powerful session explorer that provides an iMovie-like experience to relive the test execution, rapidly pinpoint issues, and assign defects with a couple of clicks.

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Completing a test is one thing; identifying, sharing, and replicating bugs is another.

Insufficient Bug Details

Details matter. Providing clear actionable steps for bug reproduction is essential for developers to remediate the issue quickly.

Collaboration Barriers

Sharing test results between QA and Dev teams can be cumbersome, often requiring multiple feedback loops.

Limited Test Insight

Fragmented testing approaches hinder a comprehensive understanding of test coverage, impeding issue identification and overall app quality improvements.

Fix Bugs Faster

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Rapid root cause analysis

Kobiton captures a comprehensive session exhaust, encompassing video, screenshots, gestures, logs, system metrics, network payloads, and more. This simplifies defect identification, replication, and root cause analysis.

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Bridge the gap between devs and testers for faster, smoother app delivery. Share deep links to test step details where the bug occurred with a single click and push to Jira Cloud.

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Reduce exposure to accessibility risks without additional effort. After completing a manual or Appium test, our session explorer displays potential accessibility issues for touch target size, color contrast and content labeling.

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A Better Way to Find and Fix Defects

Effortlessly Collaborate on Test Results with Session Explorer’s Deep Insights

Intuitive Timeline

Navigate tests effortlessly with an iMovie-like timeline, complete with screenshots and device interaction for each test step.

System Metrics

Access detailed system metrics (CPU, Memory, Network, Battery Drain) for each test session.

Detailed Logs

Explore device logs, automation logs, and crash logs for thorough issue analysis.

Jira Cloud integration

Easily log Jira tickets from session explorer, deep-linking to specific test steps for team collaboration.

Network Payload Capture

Analyze request/response payloads and response times to meet end-user performance standards.

Device Inspector

Prevent ‘Element not found’ errors by precise element inspection in session explorer for script remediation.

Accelerate Debugging with Session Explorer

Experience rapid bug resolution with Kobiton’s session explorer. It captures video, logs, metrics, and more for thorough root cause analysis. Enhance collaboration between testers and developers by sharing deep links to test step details. Fix bugs faster and deliver smoother app experiences.

Maximized DevOps & Tester Efficiency

Achieve peak efficiency with session explorer, using robust search capabilities, user-friendly video capture, and deep linking to bug issues, all accompanied by comprehensive forensic data for seamless sharing with colleagues.

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Collaborative Troubleshooting

Deep dive into test sessions with an iMovie-like timeline, detailed device logs, crash analysis, system metrics, and more. Share insights, replicate issues, and foster team collaboration seamlessly.

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Streamlined Testrail Integration

Seamlessly synchronize Testrail test steps with the session explorer, simplifying and accelerating your test runs while ensuring greater accuracy in your testing processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enhance my testing and development process?

Incorporate a mix of manual and automated testing, utilize real device testing platforms, and integrate your testing tools with your development and CI/CD pipelines for efficiency and accuracy.

Kobiton does this through the availability of manual and automated testing, AI-augmented tools, unique features like Session Explorer that make it easy to capture and analyze app behavior, and numerous integrations that incorporate these findings into CI/CD workflows.

Performance testing evaluates the app’s responsiveness, stability, and resource usage under different conditions to ensure it meets performance criteria, providing a smooth user experience regardless of the device or network conditions.

Kobiton takes app performance analytics to the next level. With Session Explorer, you get not just data, but a story of your app’s performance, complete with crash logs, detailed metrics, and post-test inspections. It’s like having a diagnostics lab at your fingertips, giving you the insights to fine-tune your app for peak performance.

Use platforms that facilitate easy sharing of test results between them, integrate testing and development tools to streamline workflows, and encourage open communication channels for continuous feedback.

Kobiton improves collaboration by breaking down geographical barriers and enabling real-time collaboration. With its comprehensive test documentation and sharing capabilities, developers and testers can work together more closely than ever, ensuring that every app version exceeds user expectations.

Kobiton provides seamless integration options that automatically incorporate test findings into CI/CD workflows, like integrations directly into JIRA and Figma. This improves bug tracking, managing collaboration across teams, and enhances development efficiency.

Kobiton transforms bug fixing by leveraging detailed session insights—think of it as having a magnifying glass that highlights issues instantly. Its integration with tools like Jira means not just identifying bugs but effectively managing them through to resolution, all within your workflow.

Kobiton and Jira together act as a dynamic duo, streamlining bug tracking and management. This integration ensures that no bug slips through the cracks, facilitating a more organized and efficient approach to app quality management.

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