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Real-Device Testing Starts Here.
No Emulators.

Consolidated test platform for Web,
hybrid and native mobile apps
Enables mobile automation with the latest Appium and Selenium frameworks
Supports parallel automation execution
with mobile testing tools

Key Features


Pick Your Perfect Test Cloud

Test on devices you don’t have by using the Kobiton Public Cloud (Shared devices) Have instant access to over 300+ devices to use for manual or automated testing.

Test on private devices in the cloud allocated exclusively to you (Private devices) Let Kobiton manage private devices (yours our ours) in our data center where you have exclusive access.

Test on devices you already own Incorporate devices you already own to allow on-site, on-desk, and cloud testing to create a truly distributed mobile lab.

Mix and match, on-premise or cloud Enjoy the benefits of on-premise, public cloud and local cloud all with a centralized administration interface.

Rich Test Logs

Automatically capture test steps, screenshots and videos to enrich your test data
Easy access to device logs, Appium logs, network activities (HAR files)
Historical test execution sessions stored for reports and bug submission

Powerful APIs

We provide comprehensive support for Appium, the leading tool for mobile automation. We have also partnered with Katalon Studio, a highly acclaimed and innovative test automation tool.
Our powerful API and built in automation tools enable you to implement automation testing, making continuous delivery a reality. Download all of your team's testing activity logs as well as the complete list of cloud devices while staying up to date on the latest releases and features.


"With an abundance of floating hardware split amongst various business units, we needed a way to centralize devices in order to reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity. Kobiton did just that, making us more efficient and allowing us to build a better product for our users"

Brian Baumgartner
Quality Assurance Manager

"I picked Kobiton over the competition because of their excellent performance, quality UI, and extremely responsive customer support. Kobiton listens to its customers and does a great job of giving us an affordable way to test on real devices without sacrificing any of the performance and features we need."

Alexey Doroshko
Testing Manager

"Kobiton is an innovative solution that offers flexibility to meet a variety of our clients’ needs. It allows businesses to more effectively manage their mobile labs, decreasing the cost and time required to maintain their internal devices."

Adam Bookman
Co-Founder of Propelics

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