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Elevating Mobile Testing with Top-tier Security.

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Kobiton Will Always Be Transparent
When It Comes to Security, Reliability,
Privacy and Compliance of Our Platforms


Security is paramount at Kobiton. Our security operations ensure physical security, redundancy, scalability, and more. Our applications leverage SSO, Role-Based Access Control, Mobile Device policy, and Web Application Firewall for added safety.

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We ensure reliability and uptime by conducting routine pentests and employing vigilant scanning tools. These measures not only ensure uninterrupted service but also proactively monitor and detect vulnerabilities, upholding the highest standards of availability in our operations.

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Compliance is our foundation. Our Facilities Development Center, co-located at KMS Technology, strictly follows ISO 27001:2013, and AWS complies with various industry standards, including ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type 2, PCI-DSS.

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We’re deeply committed to data privacy. Our unwavering dedication includes robust encryption, strict access controls, transparent 3rd-party service provider disclosure, and clear data retention policies to safeguard your information.

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On-Prem Security and Cloud Data Isolation

Deploy Behind Your Firewall

Take control of security by deploying Kobiton entirely on-premises, even in air-gapped environments. Only Kobiton offers comprehensive mobile testing solution, 100% safeguarded behind your firewall.

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Secure Test Execution

Our cloud platform provides secure test execution environments, ensuring the utmost data integrity and privacy. Tests run in isolated, sanitized spaces, preventing any cross-contamination between tests. Your confidential data remains safe and your testing process secure.

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Our Technology Partners

Harness the power of Kobiton in tandem with renowned mobile app security leaders like NowSecure, Guardsquare, Appdom, and Zimperium.

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