AI-Powered Appium Script Generation from Manual Tests

Effortlessly Transform Manual Test Sessions into 100% Open Standard Appium Scripts, Ready for Simultaneous Execution on iOS and Android Devices

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Open-standard Appium


Appium code execution


Appium automation scripts

AI-Generated Appium

Effortless Appium Script Generation

Seamlessly transform your manual test cases into precise Appium scripts with unprecedented speed and simplicity. Navigate through test cases using natural manual testing guestures—click, swipe, and type on a mobile device. Once done, generate flawless Appium scripts effortlessly.

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Reliable iOS and Android Execution

Robust Appium Compatibility Across Devices

Escape the fragility of typical Appium test scripts that falter with app changes and mobile device variations. Our Appium script generation ensures unwavering performance across a broad spectrum of smartphones and tablets, including the top 25+ models in your region.

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100% Open-Standard Appium

Seamless Appium Code Export

Unlock the full potential of your Appium code. Since Kobiton generates Appium that’s 100% open-standard, you can effortlessly export your script for seamless customization, integration into your CI/CD pipeline, or even potential commercialization—without any limitations.

Illustration of Appium script generation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Appium Script Generation by Kobiton?

Kobiton’s Appium Script Generation transforms manual test sessions into precise Appium scripts, ready for execution across both iOS and Android devices, enhancing testing efficiency and accuracy.

Kobiton’s technology creates robust Appium scripts that maintain high performance and reliability across a wide array of devices, including the top 25+ models, ensuring consistent testing experiences.

Yes, Kobiton generates 100% open-standard Appium scripts, allowing for seamless customization, integration into CI/CD pipelines, and potential commercialization without limitations.

AI-generated Appium scripts significantly streamline the transition from manual to automated testing, offering a solution that accelerates test preparation and execution while ensuring high-quality app performance.

By automating the script generation process, Kobiton reduces the time and effort required for test preparation, enabling quicker iterations and faster delivery of high-quality mobile applications.

Absolutely, the scripts are designed for seamless execution on both iOS and Android platforms, providing a versatile solution for comprehensive mobile application testing.

Kobiton’s script generation technology is designed to produce scripts that adapt to app changes and device variations, reducing the need for frequent updates and ensuring long-term script reliability.

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