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Capture, Compare, and Enhance Visuals Across Devices with AI-Powered Tests, Validations, and Integrations

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AI Mobile Testing

Visual Validation

Capture Visual Discrepancies Across Devices

With the click of a button, your no code validation will capture the visual discrepancies between your application or mobile website visual output across different devices.

Illustration of capturing visual discrepencies across devices

Automated Screenshots for Every Action

Infer the Ideal Baseline

No more endless screenshots. No more cost per comparison. Computer vision executes visual tests across multiple devices instantly. AI-generated baselines and automated comparisons. Our AI engine automatically captures screenshots of every screen with every action taken during your Functional Test and infers those as baselines for automated comparison. Oh, and we don’t charge extra for the number of comparisons, unlike other vendors.

Aesthetic Benchmarking for your UI

Pioneering the next generation of Visual Testing with AI

Test the beauty of your UI design as compared to the best and most beautiful apps in the world. You’ll be standing on the shoulders of giants, and that makes you taller and more noticeable in the app store.

Illustration of visual testing with AI visual validation

Advanced Visual Testing

Deep Figma Integration for Enhanced UX

Only Kobiton allows developers to visually compare test execution results with Figma design, guaranteeing the best customer experience within your app.

Illustratoin of Deep Figma Integration for Enhanced UX visual testing

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