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Capture, Compare, and Enhance Visuals Across Devices with AI-Powered Tests, Validations, and Integrations

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AI Mobile Testing

Visual Validation

Capture Visual Discrepancies Across Devices

With the click of a button, your no code validation will capture the visual discrepancies between your application or mobile website visual output across different devices.

Illustration of capturing visual discrepencies across devices

Automated Screenshots for Every Action

Infer the Ideal Baseline

No more endless screenshots. No more cost per comparison. Computer vision executes visual tests across multiple devices instantly. AI-generated baselines and automated comparisons. Our AI engine automatically captures screenshots of every screen with every action taken during your Functional Test and infers those as baselines for automated comparison. Oh, and we don’t charge extra for the number of comparisons, unlike other vendors.

Illustration of infering the ideal baseline

Aesthetic Benchmarking for your UI

Pioneering the next generation of Visual Testing with AI

Test the beauty of your UI design as compared to the best and most beautiful apps in the world. You’ll be standing on the shoulders of giants, and that makes you taller and more noticeable in the app store.

Illustration of visual testing with AI visual validation

Advanced Visual Testing

Deep Figma Integration for Enhanced UX

Only Kobiton allows developers to visually compare test execution results with Figma design, guaranteeing the best customer experience within your app.

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Illustration of Deep Figma Integration for Enhanced UX visual testing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kobiton’s approach to visual testing for mobile applications?

Kobiton improves visual testing for mobile applications by leveraging AI-powered validations and integrations to meticulously capture and compare visuals across devices. This method ensures an unparalleled depth of testing, highlighting even the most minor visual discrepancies without requiring a single line of code.

With Kobiton, visual discrepancies are identified effortlessly. A simple button press activates Kobiton’s no-code validation, which harnesses sophisticated AI to detect differences in application visuals across various devices, ensuring your app’s interface is consistent and flawless.

Kobiton’s AI engine redefines the automated screenshot process. It intelligently captures every screen and action within your functional test to execute visual tests instantly across multiple devices. This AI-driven approach automatically establishes baselines for comparison, eliminating the need for endless screenshots and additional comparison costs.

Kobiton’s visual testing tools pioneer aesthetic benchmarking by comparing your UI design against some of the most stunning apps globally. This unique feature propels your app’s design to new heights, making it stand out in the app marketplace and attracting more users.

Absolutely. Kobiton’s cutting-edge platform includes deep integration with Figma, allowing developers to directly compare their test execution results with Figma designs. This integration guarantees that the customer experience within your app matches your design intentions, ensuring unparalleled UX consistency.

Kobiton recognizes the limitations of functional tests in catching layout responsiveness, color and shading differences, and other visual elements. Our visual testing solutions are designed to fill these gaps with AI -augmented tools that provide a comprehensive testing approach.

Kobiton harnesses AI to transform visual testing, making it more efficient, accurate, and insightful. Kobiton’s AI algorithms quickly identify and categorize visual defects, streamlining the testing process and enabling faster iterations. This approach not only saves time but also significantly enhances the quality of mobile apps.

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