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Supercharge mobile automation testing with lightning-fast Appium, streamlined script creation, and real-device precision for efficient testing and faster releases.

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Than standard Appium


less failure

With Auto-Healing



When Scripts Fail

Lightning Fast Appium

Double the Speed, Half the Wait with Appium

Experience Appium like never before with Kobiton’s optimized environment, designed to give you execution speeds that outpace standard setups. With our enhanced infrastructure, you can look forward to results that are not only twice as fast but also highly accurate. Eliminate prolonged waits and elevate your testing velocity.

Illustratoin of kobiton mobile automation testing with appium

Seamless Framework Integration

Run Appium, XCTest, Espresso, and More

Kobiton supports more than just Appium. Harness native frameworks like XCTest and Espresso, or expand with custom solutions via virtualized USB connectivity. Where adaptability meets efficiency, we ensure comprehensive and streamlined testing.

Illustration of Appium, UIAutomator/Espresso, or ACUITest automation testing settings

Minimize Flaky Tests

Boost Reliability in Mobile Automation Tests

AI Mobile test automation comes with its challenges, notably flaky tests. Combat the notorious ‘NoSuchElement’ exception with our proactive resolution mechanisms. By integrating advanced tools and practices, we enable a smoother testing journey. Add to that, enjoy the precision of real-device testing. Your tests are now more reliable than ever.

Illustratoin of kobiton mobile automation testing with appium element not found

Empower Your Appium Scripts

Inspect, Interact, and Debug with Precision

Enhance your Appium scripting with Kobiton’s advanced tools. The Device Inspector lets you view the XML tree during manual sessions, ensuring precise selector choice. Interactively run scripts, set breakpoints, and seamlessly dive into the XML with our Device Inspector. Plus, any script failure? Instantly access the XML tree for that step, streamlining troubleshooting.

Illustration of Appium inspector heirarchy

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does Kobiton offer for mobile automation testing?

Kobiton offers substantial benefits for mobile app testing, particularly in automation. By delivering over 2x faster execution speeds compared to traditional Appium frameworks, Kobiton significantly reduces test failure rates by up to 80%. This efficiency not only accelerates the testing process but also ensures the creation of more reliable and robust test scripts, streamlining the path to high-quality mobile applications.

Yes, Kobiton supports a wide range of frameworks including XCUITest and Espresso, and even allows for custom solutions through virtualized USB connectivity, ensuring adaptability and efficiency in testing.

Kobiton combats flaky tests by integrating advanced tools and proactive resolution mechanisms, like self-healing Appium, notably improving the reliability of mobile automation tests and enhancing real-device testing precision.

Kobiton offers unique advantages such as seamless framework integration, a significant reduction in flaky tests, and an empowered Appium scripting experience, setting a new standard in mobile test automation.

By delivering faster testing speeds, reducing test flakiness, and providing comprehensive framework support, Kobiton accelerates the delivery of high-quality mobile apps, enhancing user satisfaction and reliability.

Kobiton enriches Appium scripting with tools like the Device Inspector for precise selector choices during manual sessions, enabling interactive debugging and streamlined troubleshooting for any script failures.

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