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Test your native mobile applications on real devices with Kobiton’s mobile testing platform. Faster device access, easier test automation, and a better user experience for mobile app testing.

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Comprehensive Mobile App Testing Platform

Elevate Mobile App Quality with Kobiton

Manual, automated, functional, performance, or even accessibility tests are all covered with Kobiton. Drive efficiency with multiple parallel sessions. Integrate easily with your CI/CD process and deliver near-instant results. Easily share and collaborate within your team, department, or across your development org!

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Mobile App Testing Tools

Streamlined Testing. Superior User Experience.

Testing mobile apps across device configurations can become a bottleneck for app delivery. No-code or scriptless testing gives your testers the ability to replay manual test sessions in parallel across devices. Appium script generation gives your automation pros a way to automate more tests in less time..

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Run Automated Mobile App Tests

Streamline your testing process with automation

Kobiton makes it easy to transition from manual testing to automation streamlining your mobile testing. With Kobiton, you don’t need complex coding skills. Create automated test scripts visually, reducing the barriers to entry for manual testers. Bridge the gap to automation with Kobiton mobile app testing.

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Collaborate and share insights with your team

Executing mobile app testing is one thing; identifying, sharing, and replicating bugs is another. Our iMovie-like session explorer and Jira integration makes collaboration on finding, sharing and fixing defects more productive and efficient.

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Real Device Testing

Mobile App Testing on Real Devices

Real devices outshine emulators and simulators in precision. From end-to-end to regression testing, uncover and address elusive bugs that emulators and simulators miss. Avoid unnecessary costs and reduce risks by finding bugs earlier in the SDLC. Real-world apps demand authentic testing on real devices.

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Why is it important to test mobile apps?

Mobile applications have become an important (and unavoidable) part of our day — they help us navigate to the store, they enable us to track physical activity, and they allow us to transfer funds to friends and family.

And, a lot of work goes into development of those apps. One major component of the app development process is testing. Thorough mobile app testing ensures that the app works correctly, without bugs or other flaws compromising user experience or data security.

How are Kobiton’s mobile app testing services priced?

Kobiton offers flexible pricing plans ranging from Enterprise to Startup. To explore general pricing information, visit Kobiton’s pricing page.

For specific pricing details aligned with your team’s requirements, contact Kobiton.

Can I test apps on both Android and iOS devices?

The way an app works on Android devices and iOS devices can vary quite a bit; therefore, it’s important to consider both operating systems during the mobile app testing process.

Of the many tools used for testing, some are exclusive for Android. Others might be exclusive to iOS devices. And some are able to test the apps for both Android and iOS devices.

How does Kobiton’s automated testing differ from others?

The Kobiton Platform allows your team to automate the testing process: Results are achieved more efficiently, quality of testing is improved, and results are realized much more quickly.

Kobiton provides a number of key advantages:

  • Real device testing for more accurate results
  • Kobiton is a cloud-based platform — access it from anywhere and at any time
  • Ease of integration, to save time and effort
  • Detailed analytics and reporting to identify trends and data patterns
  • Collaborative testing efforts
  • Unparalleled speed for both manual and automated testing

Is there a free trial for Kobiton’s mobile app testing tool?

For a limited time, new clients can request a trial. Let’s get started today!

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