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Test your native mobile applications on real devices with Kobiton’s mobile testing platform. Faster device access, easier test automation, and a better user experience for mobile app testing.

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Access a Wide Range of Devices

Kobiton offers comprehensive mobile app automated testing, including manual, functional, performance, and accessibility tests. Benefit from seamless cross-platform mobile app testing support for a wide range of devices. Boost productivity with multiple parallel sessions, integrate effortlessly with your CI/CD pipeline for swift results, and facilitate seamless sharing and collaboration across teams and departments.

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Visual Testing for Pixel-Perfect Apps

Streamline mobile app testing with Kobiton’s Visual Testing Capabilities for pixel-perfect apps. Overcome delivery bottlenecks by enabling no-code or scriptless testing, allowing testers to replay manual test sessions simultaneously across various devices. Empower automation experts with Appium script generation to automate tests efficiently and expedite testing processes.

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Streamline your testing process with automation

Kobiton makes it easy to transition from manual testing to automation streamlining your mobile testing. With Kobiton, you don’t need complex coding skills. Create automated test scripts visually, reducing the barriers to entry for manual testers. Bridge the gap to automation with Kobiton mobile app testing services.

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CI/CD Pipelines for Mobile-First Enterprises

Beyond testing, streamline bug identification, sharing, and replication with our intuitive session explorer akin to iMovie. Enhance collaboration efficiency through seamless Jira integration, enabling teams to find, share, and resolve defects swiftly and effectively.

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Real Device Testing

Streamlined Testing. Superior User Experience.

Enhance user experience with Kobiton’s Real Device Testing, surpassing emulators and simulators in accuracy. Save costs and mitigate risks by detecting bugs earlier in the software development lifecycle. Ensure authentic testing on real devices for real-world app performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to test mobile apps?

Mobile applications have become an important (and unavoidable) part of our day — they help us navigate to the store, they enable us to track physical activity, and they allow us to transfer funds to friends and family.

And, a lot of work goes into development of those apps. One major component of the app development process is testing. Thorough mobile performance testing ensures that the app works correctly, without bugs or other flaws compromising user experience or data security.

Kobiton’s Real Device Testing provides access to a wide array of real mobile devices for testing applications. This ensures that your app works flawlessly in real-world conditions, across various devices, operating systems, and network environments. Real device testing helps in uncovering device-specific issues that might not be detected through emulator-based testing.

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Kobiton seamlessly integrates mobile app testing into the CI/CD Pipeline, ensuring that your mobile applications are automatically tested with every code commit. This integration helps in identifying and addressing issues early in the development cycle, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with manual testing.

With Appium Script Generation, Kobiton simplifies the process of creating test scripts. This feature allows testers and developers to generate Appium test scripts automatically by performing tests manually on the Kobiton platform. This significantly reduces the time and expertise required to write test scripts from scratch.

Kobiton’s Visual Testing utilizes advanced image comparison technologies to detect visual discrepancies in mobile apps across different devices and versions. This automated process helps ensure that your app’s UI remains consistent and visually appealing across all user interfaces, enhancing the overall user experience.

Yes, with Scriptless Testing, Kobiton enables you to perform automated mobile app testing without the need to write any scripts. This user-friendly approach allows testers to automate their testing processes by simply interacting with the app on a real device, making testing accessible to non-technical users as well.

Kobiton offers a Jira integration that allows teams to seamlessly connect their mobile app testing with their development workflows. With this integration, bugs and issues identified during testing on Kobiton can be directly logged into Jira as tickets, streamlining the bug tracking and resolution process.

Kobiton enables Mobile App Automated Testing by providing a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to automate the testing process of mobile applications. This feature supports both native and hybrid apps across iOS and Android platforms, offering a robust solution for continuous testing in Agile and DevOps environments. With Kobiton, teams can automate their testing workflows, achieve faster release cycles, and ensure high-quality app performance across all devices.

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