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Releases of travel apps are needed

Days not Weeks

Testing across all devices

Continuous Patches

For latest security updates

Improve Customer Retention

The travel and hospitality industry operates in a highly competitive, and price sensitive, environment. This environment necessitates a relentless focus on the customer experience to provide a differentiated and effortless mobile experience.

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Lower Call Volume and the Complexity of Customer Support

Mobile is the preferred channel for the travel and hospitality customer – and when something like checking-in to a flight doesn’t work, a phone call to support results. This places a tremendous burden on the customer support team. Testing app behavior across all devices allows you to proactively address problematic apps.

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Lower Call Volume and the Complexity of Customer Support

Integrate Mobile Testing with Your Existing Tools

Kobiton integrates with your existing workflows, enhancing both manual and automated testing without disrupting established processes. In a world of ‘always-on’ mobile users, your app emerges as the main touchpoint for most consumers. It’s essential to evaluate and improve its user experience with unparalleled flexibility.

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Integrating mobile testing with celluar device

Improve App Store Ratings

A negative app store review can have a lasting impact. With 1 in 4 apps being abandoned after first use, the likelihood of receiving negative reviews increases. ultimately hurting app adoption and app store discoverability.

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