Intuitive Scriptless Automation for Diverse Device Coverage

Convert manual tests into automated scripts effortlessly. Rerun across 350+ devices, leverage assertions, data injections, and integrate with DevOps. Enhance accuracy and elevate coverage without writing a line of code.

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Illustration of scriptless test automation on an assembly line

Scriptless Tests


Hours Saved


Real Device Variations

Swift Shift To Automation

Transform Manual Tests to Automation

Effortlessly turn your manual tests into precise automated scripts. Kobiton leverages cutting-edge AI to ensure a seamless transformation, capturing every intricate detail from your manual sessions. This not only saves time but also boosts the reliability of your test cycles, making them repeatable and consistent.

Bypass OTP Seamlessly

Navigate One-Time Passcodes without Scripting

With Kobiton’s Scriptless Automation, handling OTP in tests is effortless. Start a manual test, follow the standard OTP steps, and Kobiton manages the OTP bypass in automation. This guarantees smooth multi-device tests without OTP obstacles and offers the flexibility to input dynamic data for specific test needs.

Illustration of one-time passcode authentication security

Integrated Test Management

Harnessing Test Management for Scriptless Execution

With Kobiton, scriptless sessions seamlessly transform into test cases within Test Management. Enjoy the convenience of streamlined management, from editing unwanted steps in a baseline session to modifying text inputs. Whether you’re triggering scriptless reruns or exporting to Appium scripts, all functionalities are at your fingertips in one centralized hub.

Illustration of test case generated from session

Scalable Automation Evolution

From Scriptless to Script-based: Evolve When You’re Ready

Kobiton stands apart, offering a dynamic testing environment that evolves with your needs. Dive into scriptless testing for swift results and when the time comes, effortlessly transition to an Appium script-based approach. Our system ensures that scripts generated accommodate the nuances of varied devices and their OS versions, allowing for a broader, more detailed testing scope.

Illustration of Scalable Automation Evolution

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