Optimize Testing with Mobile Test Management

Streamline processes, reduce errors, and accelerate market readiness with AI-driven efficiency and comprehensive device coverage.

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Overcome Mobile Testing Complexity with a Management Console Designed for Real-Device Testing

Growing Device Fragmentation

Growing device variety complicates app functionality. Simplify with device bundling and mass remediation

Speed of Mobile Development

Rapid mobile app development demands robust tools for quick testing cycles without sacrificing quality

Dependence on Mobile Applications

Digital shifts have increased reliance on mobile apps, boosting the need for sophisticated testing tools to ensure robustness

Enhance Testing Precision

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Image of man and woman in Kobiton Security Trust Center

Test Suite Creation

Curates test suites by sequencing manual testing steps into test runs. Saved sequences compile into suites for executing single or grouped tests automatically

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Correct errors across devices in a single workflow, reducing effort significantly. View consolidated remediation results to streamline processes.

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Kobiton protects data by restricting access to sensitive test cases, like those with usernames and passwords, to only their creators.

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Kobiton allows testers to select device bundles or individual devices for simultaneous testing with predefined test suites.

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Kobiton Simplifies Mobile Test Management

Optimize mobile device testing with centralized management

Streamlined Testing Processes

Centralize test suite management, streamlining processes amid device fragmentation and rapid releases.

At A Glance Results

Kobiton’s unique dashboard-like UI displays real-time test run results and status for each device, highlighting device permutations

Scriptless Test Suites

Group related tests for scriptless execution lowers barriers, aiding teams without extensive coding skills in comprehensive testing

Supports 1 Hour Continuous Testing Goals

Automate and parallel tests across devices, significantly reducing effort and improving testing methodologies

Enhanced Integrations

Integrate with qTest, TestRail, Zephyr, Xray to seamlessly blend mobile testing into broader QA strategies

AI-Powered Analysis

Quickly identify errors and common device issues, enhancing app quality and reducing time to market by addressing crucial bugs.

Streamline Mobile App Testing With Smarter Test Management

Centralize your testing efforts using AI to improve efficiency and accuracy across all of your tests

Reduce the Time From Development to Market

Mobile Test Management speeds development to market by centralizing test management, integrating with existing tools, and leveraging AI for error analysis. Scriptless tests and device bundle selections enhance testing speed and accuracy, significantly reducing cycle times and improving efficiency.

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Ease The Transition to Automation

Mobile Test Management simplifies the shift to automated testing by centralizing control, integrating with existing tools, offering scriptless automation, and providing AI-driven insights. This eases setup, enhances collaboration, and scales testing efforts efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kobiton’s Mobile Test Management?

Kobiton’s Mobile Test Management is a centralized platform that allows developers and testers to efficiently manage test suites, test runs, and test cases across multiple mobile devices, streamlining the testing process and improving app quality.

Visual-first approach to test management:

  • Allows users to see and compare test steps across devices

Mobile device bundles for simultaneous testing:

  • Increase efficiency and coverage

Mass remediation workflows:

  • Enable the correction of errors across multiple devices at once

Creation of test suites from manual steps:

  • Simplifies test case creation and execution

Sensitive data protection:

  • Ensures that test cases containing sensitive information are secure

Dashboard-like UI for at-a-glance test run results:

  • Provides real-time status updates on tests running and completed on various devices
  • AI-powered error analysis for efficient issue identification and resolution.
  • Seamless management of test suites, runs, and cases across various devices.
  • Allows mass remediation of errors that occur across numerous devices in a single remediation workflow instead of as unrelated errors, reducing effort by orders of magnitude.
  • Real-time insights and detailed analytics to optimize testing efforts.
  • Enables the grouping and execution of related tests without the need for scripting

Kobiton Mobile Test Management uses AI-powered error analysis to quickly identify and aggregate common issues across different devices, facilitating faster remediation and optimizing the testing process by grouping related tests with specific device configurations.

While Kobiton’s Mobile Test Management can function independently for mobile-focused companies, upcoming updates will integrate it with popular test management systems like TestRail, Tricentis qTest, Zephyr, and Xray. These integrations will enrich traditional systems by capturing critical mobile device data, enhancing the testing process.

Currently, our beta program allows current Kobiton customers to access and test the new Mobile Test Management features before the official release. You can sign up for the beta program to provide feedback and help shape the final product. More details can be found in the beta program overview here. Once generally available – users subscribed to Kobiton’s Enterprise AI and Enterprise AI Lightning plans will have access at no additional cost.

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