Comprehensive Real Device Testing for Real-World Conditions

Overcome the limitations of emulators and simulators. Testing on real devices virtually uncovers unknown bugs earlier and optimizes mobile app performance.

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Milliseconds (ms) latency

Up to


Frames per Second (fps)


Real Devices

Elevate Your Testing Reliability

Deliver Unmatched Accuracy with Real Device Testing

Real devices outshine emulators and simulators in precision. From end-to-end to regression testing, uncover and address elusive bugs that emulators and simulators miss. Avoid unnecessary costs and reduce risks by finding bugs earlier in the SDLC. Real-world apps demand authentic testing on real devices.

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Beyond Basic Functional Testing

Comprehensive Mobile Testing Coverage

Explore real-world scenarios, from environmental factors to complex conditions. Only real devices enable you to test bio authentications, weather dynamics, push notifications, sensors, cameras, geolocation, interruptions, and more..

Unlock Accurate Insights

Precision in Mobile Performance Testing

Only real mobile devices provide authentic real-time data on app functionality and performance. Analyze battery usage, CPU performance, network dynamics, and latency, and optimize app performance across a wide variety of devices.

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Simplify Mobile Device Virtualization

Access a Unified Control Portal for Real Device Testing

Our platform seamlessly enables virtual access to real devices regardless of their physical location. Whether these devices are located in a local mobile lab, integrated development environment (IDE), or a mobile device cloud, our solution empowers a hyper-responsive, device-in-hand experience right from your workstation.

Illustration of a unified control portal for simplified mobile device testing.

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