1 Hour Continuous Testing for Mobile is HARD – Kobiton can help get you there

Our exclusive focus on solving the difficult challenges of mobile devops and continuous testing enables you to deliver the flawless mobile experience your customers expect – FASTER.

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The Kobiton Difference

A mobile first platform when mobile is mission critical

Purpose built to solve the unique challenges of mobile development and testing, the Kobiton Platform offers unparalleled speed for both manual and automated testing.

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Continuous Testing



Eliminate the QA bottleneck and deliver mobiles apps quicker

Mobile Test Automation



Generate and execute your automation scripts faster than ever before

Reduction in TTM


Improve user experience and revenue impact in the market

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Accelerate delivery of your mobile apps

Our AI-augmented platform empowers teams like yours to automate faster with innovative features such as Appium script generation and self-healing and no-code test automation

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Reduction in Manual Coding


Appium script generation gives your automation team a head-start

More Testing


Execute more tests with advanced automated parallel test execution

More Releases


Customers that automate more release better apps more often

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Tightly integrated to drive QA and Dev team productivity

Continuous integration toolchain, processes, and development team – We connect the people, processes and technology in your CI/CD & DevOps pipeline to create new levels of efficiency and productivity.

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Faster Bug Fixes


Mobile device and test session access right from your IDE

Click Defect Sharing


Share defects with Dev through 1-click Jira issue creation

Faster Regression Cycles


Nightly regression for your mobile apps – easier than ever

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How Kobiton Solves the Mobile Testing Challenges Facing Enterprises Today

As the world’s leading mobile-centric testing platform, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a comprehensive platform that gives you access to the devices you need with the test automation and development features you want.

Limited Access to Real Devices

Poor Device Performance

Hard to Scale Test Automation

Complex IT Requirements

Limited Platform Functionality and Scalability

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Access to Reliable and Stable Devices

True device-in-hand experience for all the iOS and Android devices you need.

  • Put your application through real-world conditions so you can be confident in what you deliver.
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Unmatched Speeds with Kobiton’s Lightning Mode

Leave lagging performance behind and step into the Kobiton device cloud

  • Launch devices in a couple of seconds
  • Millisecond response times
  • 30 Frames per second capture rate
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AI-Driven Automation 

Kobiton is the bridge from manual to automated testing

  • Use our no-code (scriptless) automation capabilities to accelerate your testing.
  • Elevate your manual testing using AI-powered Appium script generation.
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True Deployment Flexibility

Secure deployment options tailored to your need.

  • Access all the devices you need in our public cloud
  • Dedicated devices in our device cloud
  • On prem device carts and racks for maximum control and security
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A Solution that Scales with You

Kobiton is uniquely capable of delivering mobile excellence at any mobile maturity level.

  • Kobiton’s ability to scale at any level of automation means you’re in good hands for the long run
  • Take our mobile maturity self-assessment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to test mobile apps?

Mobile applications have become an important (and unavoidable) part of our day — they help us navigate to the store, they enable us to track physical activity, and they allow us to transfer funds to friends and family.

And, a lot of work goes into development of those apps. One major component of the app development process is testing. Thorough mobile app testing ensures that the app works correctly, without bugs or other flaws compromising user experience or data security.

Kobiton offers flexible pricing plans ranging from Enterprise to Startup. To explore general pricing information, visit Kobiton’s pricing page.

For specific pricing details aligned with your team’s requirements, contact Kobiton.

The way an app works on Android devices and iOS devices can vary quite a bit; therefore, it’s important to consider both operating systems during the mobile app testing process.

Of the many tools used for testing, some are exclusive for Android. Others might be exclusive to iOS devices. And some are able to test the apps for both Android and iOS devices

The Kobiton Platform allows your team to automate the testing process: Results are achieved more efficiently, quality of testing is improved, and results are realized much more quickly.

Kobiton provides a number of key advantages:

  • Real device testing for more accurate results
  • Kobiton is a cloud-based platform — access it from anywhere and at any time
  • Ease of integration, to save time and effort
  • Detailed analytics and reporting to identify trends and data patterns
  • Collaborative testing efforts
  • Unparalleled speed for both manual and automated testing

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