The new standard in Device Lab Management

Remote mobile testing in your local lab, private cloud or public cloud.

Device Lab Management

Build the Perfect Test Cloud with Device Lab Management

Tame mobile device management complexity with Kobiton. Combine your local on-premise devices and cloud devices, with one centralized management interface and shared testing activity.

The way device lab management was meant to be.

Flexible Deployment

From indie developer to Fortune-50 Enterprise

Whether you’re an indie developer testing on your own device, or an enterprise with a hundred local devices and a need for a private cloud, Kobiton has you covered.

Already have iOS and Android devices in-house? Incorporate them into your test cloud and provide anywhere access with shareable testing activity.

Connect the 10 devices in the San Diego office with the 8 devices in London, and enjoy the benefits of centralized administration and management.

Need dedicated devices reserved exclusively for you? Add private devices to your test cloud and enjoy unlimited minutes.

Private devices allow secure VPN access for pre-production releases or apps that access sensitive data.

Kobiton can manage your device or procure devices on your behalf.

Test on devices you don’t have with the Kobiton Public Cloud.

Have instant access to over 350+ shared iOS and Android devices to use for manual or automated testing.

Supports manual or automated testing, rich test logs and more.


See the list of devices in our public cloud.

For a true unparalled testing lab, combine your existing local devices with private cloud devices, and have access to our public devices for more expansive test coverage.


Your entire test cloud is managed from one central platform with centralized logging, test execution and management.

Centralized Administration

Manage local, private and public cloud devices in one place.

Key Features of our DLM Solution

Experience a true device cloud

Distributed Devices, Centralized Administration

Manage all your iOS and Android devices from a single administration console. From local on-premise devices to public cloud devices, they are all easily managed centrally.


Full support for natural gestures, GPS, Network and even SIM support (with local and private devices).


Kobiton makes using any device anywhere as easy as using a web browser.

  • Tame device complexity!
  • Central administration
  • Local, Private and Public devices

  • Supports natural gestures
  • Easy web-based access
  • API for fine-grained control

Rich test logs for true Root Cause Analysis

Whether running manual or automated tests, Kobiton captures detailed logs including full video, screenshots, gestures performed and system metrics such as memory and battery performance.


Easily replay scenarios to replicate issues and do true root cause analysis.

  • Full video recording
  • Screenshots
  • Capture user interactions

  • System metrics reporting
  • Full device logs
  • Script execution results

Secure connections

Utilize VPN or secure connections from your private Kobiton cloud back to your on-premise data. Perfect for pre-production applications or when Apps are making use of centrally housed sensitive data. Kobiton supports diverse security requirements to meet the needs of the most demanding organizations.

Org Management for Mobile Testing

Org Management for fine-grained control in the Enterprise

Org Management lets you control device and app access at the user or group level for fine-grained control to support the needs of even the most complex organization.


  • Support for multiple Business Units or Departments
  • Control device and app access
  • Fine grained control through profiles, users and groups

  • Control device availability at the group level
  • Granular permission levels
  • Intuitive and easy to setup

Optional on-premises deployment

Although Kobiton offers the convenience of being a cloud-based deployment, we recognize that some highly secure environments have a need for on-site deployments. Kobiton Device Lab Management can be fully installed on your premises so that the entire solution is behind your firewall, hosted entirely on your servers. Cloud or on-premises. Your choice.

Experience Kobiton Today

Companies like Office Depot and River Island are using the Kobiton testing platform to create perfect user experiences. Let us show you what Kobiton can do for you.