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Enterprises with a dynamic Center of Excellence (CoE) and a robust, scalable mobile test automation platform give their dev teams a competitive edge.

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Real Devices


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Increased Productivity Across Teams


What is a Mobile CoE?

A Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) is a strategic initiative that consolidates mobile testing practices within an organization. It serves as a hub for expertise, best practices, and standardized processes, enabling teams to achieve exceptional quality in mobile app development and testing. The CoE facilitates collaboration and fosters innovation across the mobile testing landscape.

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Challenges of Setting up a CoE for Mobile Testing

Establishing a Mobile Testing CoE comes with its share of challenges. Gaining buy-in from stakeholders, aligning diverse teams, and defining standardized processes can be daunting. Ensuring up-to-date knowledge and technologies within the CoE, while keeping pace with rapidly evolving mobile ecosystems, requires ongoing commitment and adaptability.

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Delivering Mobile Test Automation at Scale

To succeed, a Mobile Testing CoE must possess key capabilities. These include domain expertise, a repository of best practices, access to a variety of mobile devices and operating systems, and the integration of cutting-edge testing tools. Collaboration with development, continuous learning, and the ability to adapt to new trends are essential.

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Faster More Efficient Mobile App Delivery

The advantages of a Mobile Testing CoE are significant. Consistency in testing practices ensures higher app quality. Faster time-to-market is achieved through optimized testing processes. The CoE promotes knowledge sharing and skill enhancement, enhancing team capabilities. Moreover, by centralizing resources and expertise, organizations can efficiently tackle mobile testing challenges, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and successful mobile app deployments.

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