No code validations: The effortless output of mobile test sessions.

Get accessibility, performance, visual, and crash detection insight with no additional tooling or effort.

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Meeting Accessibility, Visual, and Performance Requirements Within Rapid Release Cycles

Budget Constraints

Limited resources for acquiring additional tools pose a challenge for accessibility and performance testing.

Growing Productivity Pressure

QA teams face the challenge of increasing productivity without increasing spending.

Insights that aren’t Actionable

Understanding the reasons behind app crashes in testing presents a complex challenge for developers.

No Code Validations

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Effortless Accessiblity Testing & Validation

Instantly enhance your app’s accessibility with no-code validations. Easily make informed design decisions regarding touch target size, color contrast, element labeling, and more.

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Seamlessly validate front-end performance response times at every test step, ensuring the best possible user experience. If the transition time between two consecutive test steps exceeds the 2-second target, Kobiton will promptly detect and flag it for remediation.

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Dive into advanced crash detection with easer. Provide developers with quick insights to pinpoint crash causes, backed by detailed logs and context. Understand not just that a crash occurred but why it happened, simplifying troubleshooting and saving valuable developer time.

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Capture visual discrepancies across devices in the blink of an eye. Your no code validation effortlessly identifies and highlights visual differences in your application or mobile website output, guaranteeing consistent visual excellence across all platforms.

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No Code Validations for Mobile Testing

Explore the future of mobile testing with our No Code Validations. Experience automatic validation outputs for every test, whether manual or automated. Say goodbye to extra tools and unnecessary effort.

No Code

Validation outputs are automatically generated from your test sessions – no extra tools needed.

Every Test

Both manual and automated test sessions generate no code validations, without additional effort.


Validate front-end performance response times at each test step for an optimal user experience


Automate scanning of session logs to instantly spot any application crashes, saving you valuable time.


Detect and address visual discrepancies across different devices effortlessly.


Validate touch target size, color contrast, content labeling, and more to ensure an accessible user experience

No Code Validations Empower DevOps Teams with Efficiency and Affordability

Explore the world of AI-driven mobile testing tools that are revolutionizing DevOps and QA. Say goodbye to costly specialized skills and extra tools – experience significant cost savings with a no code approach.

Efficiency for DevOps Teams

No code validations eliminate the need for manual coding and scripting. This means faster test creation, quicker execution, and more efficient result analysis, ultimately speeding up your software development process.

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Empower Non-Technical Testers

With no code validations, even non-technical team members can actively participate in the testing process. This broader participation enhances collaboration and ensures a more comprehensive approach to testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is No-Code Validation?

No-Code Validation is a method that allows testers and developers to create and execute test cases without writing any code. It uses a graphical user interface to define test scenarios, making it accessible for individuals without a programming background. This approach simplifies the testing process, enabling faster creation and execution of tests.

Kobiton’s No-Code Validation leverages its AI-powered platform to enable users to automate their testing processes without the need for scripting or coding. Users can record their actions on a mobile device, and Kobiton automatically generates tests based on these interactions. This allows for the validation of app functionality and UI elements through an intuitive interface, significantly reducing the barrier to entry for mobile app testing.

No-Code Validation is ideal for scenarios where rapid test development is needed, especially for QA teams with limited coding resources or for projects with tight deadlines. It’s also suitable for exploratory testing where the goal is to quickly validate new features or user journeys without the overhead of traditional test scripting. Additionally, No-Code Validation can be a powerful tool for regression testing, enabling non-technical stakeholders to contribute to the testing process.

It provides quick insights to pinpoint crash causes with detailed logs and context, making troubleshooting easier and saving developer time.

It captures and highlights visual differences across devices instantly, ensuring consistent visual quality and addressing discrepancies effortlessly.

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