The Fastest Mobile Test Execution

One comprehensive platform gives QA teams the ability to execute manual, automation, or no-code tests at lightning speeds.

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Dev and QA teams need to accelerate the delivery of mobile apps without spending more on testing tools or personnel.

Rapid Release Cycles

Mobile innovation requires agility with frequent releases and ongoing testing for competitiveness.

Mobile Automation Flakiness

Mobile automation script issues lead to time and cost challenges, hindering automation adoption.

Test Engineer Shortage

The lack of skilled testing engineers is a major hurdle in mobile test automation, causing resource constraints and delays.

Fast, Efficient Mobile Test Execution

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Accelerated Testing with One Unified Platform

Boost your testing speed by supporting manual testing and all major automation frameworks within a single, unified platform.

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Achieve unparalleled manual testing efficiency with lightning mode and rapid boot-up, significantly reducing response times for manual testers.

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Experience Appium test execution at 2x to 3x faster speeds by harnessing the power of Kobiton’s AI and ML capabilities, ensuring rapid testing cycles.

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Speed up issue identification and resolution with visual debugging capabilities in mixed sessions, enhancing the overall debugging process.

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Mobile Test Execution with Lightning Speed and Precision

Boost DevOps and QA productivity with the fastest manual, automated, and no-code test execution.

Lightning Mode

Execute tests with a device-in-hand experience and industry-leading 30FPS

Fast Boot

Minimize device launch wait times and maximize your testing productivity.

Low Latency

Experience undetectable low latency, with response times as low as 20ms.

2X Faster Appium

Kobiton’s Xium is up to 2-3x faster than Appium, benefiting automated testing with faster testing execution & completion


The fastest feedback framework for Android UI testing.


Write UI tests inside Xcode, and streamline continuous integration.

Revolutionize Your Mobile Test Execution with Kobiton

Empower your QA and DevOps teams. Kobiton’s mobile testing platform accelerates the delivery of mobile apps with seamless manual and automated testing.

Unlimited Users and Parallel Testing

Enable everyone in your DevOps or QA organizations to test as needed and run as many parallel sessions as required to accelerate your automated tests, making it perfect for CI/CD environments.

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Mobile App Testing 

Test your native mobile applications on real devices with Kobiton’s mobile testing platform. Faster device access, easier test automation, and a better user experience for mobile app testing.

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