Precision Mobile Performance Testing for Boosted User Retention

Harness Kobiton’s precision for mobile insights. Track front-end response times, capture key device metrics, integrate with leading backend tools, and detect crashes. A comprehensive mobile performance testing solution.

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Moblie performance testing


when page load > 3 seconds


of users

uninstall apps after a crash or freeze

Capture Network Payload Synced with the UI

Front-end Mobile Performance Testing

Validate front-end performance response times at every test step, to ensure the best experience for your app users. If the transition time between two consecutive test steps exceeds the 2-second target, Kobiton will detect and flag it for remediation.

Illustration of mobile performance testing reponse times

Front-End Performance Insights

Measure Response Time with 35ms Accuracy

Dive deep into the responsiveness of every step during manual and automation sessions. With Kobiton, you’re not just testing but understanding the user experience in real-time. By eliminating the need for start-stop timer codes, tracking front-end response times becomes a seamless process.

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Real-time Device Metrics

CPU, Memory, Network, Temperature, and Energy Drain

Go beyond superficial monitoring with Kobiton. Dive deep into device specifics to gain a holistic understanding of app behavior. Track CPU utilization, monitor memory usage, analyze network interactions, gauge device temperature, and measure energy consumption. Ensure your application’s performance doesn’t come at the cost of device health or user experience.

Graph of Real-time Device Metrics

3rd Party Load Test Integrations

NeoLoad, JMeter, K6, and more

Kobiton’s performance testing doesn’t just stop at the front-end. Integrate with leading backend tools like K6, Neoload, and JMeter. From exporting HAR files for input to backend load testing to running simultaneous tests under load, we ensure every angle is covered for optimum performance.

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Crash Detection

In-depth Crash Diagnostics for Developers

Dive into advanced crash detection with session explorer. Offer developers rich insights to pinpoint crash causes, with detailed logs and context. Understand not just that a crash occurred, but why. This data richness facilitates faster troubleshooting, conserving precious developer hours and streamlining resolutions.

Illustration of mobile performance testing crash logs

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