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Flexible Device Deployment

Mobile Device Cloud empowers you to rapidly access real devices and operating systems, scaling your testing horizons without compromising efficiency. Device Lab Management enables you to manage your DIY mobile test environment effortlessly and choose from private cloud, on-premises, hybrid, or custom setups.

Empower real device testing within development environments with integrated mobile development tools. Shift testing left and enhance efficiency with easy access to comprehensive test results using a powerful session explorer.

Our AI-enhanced mobile testing platform enables your team to automate and execute more tests in less time through Appium script generation, no-code testing, and self-healing.

Addressing Enterprise Testing Challenges with a Mobile-First Approach


Mobile Complexity

Diverse devices, operating systems, and security challenges make mobile testing tough.


QA Productivity Strain

Teams seek productivity boosts within tight budgets to meet rapid release cycles.


SDLC Collaboration Gaps

Disjointed collaboration results in the frustrating game of “bug ping-pong” between design, development, and testing phases..


Testing Insights Gap

Fragmented approaches hinder a comprehensive understanding of testing coverage, hampering app quality. 

Accelerate Delivery, Improve Productivity, and Maximize Mobile App Impact

Accelerate Time-to-Market 

Speed up mobile app delivery with efficiency gains in manual, automated, and no-code testing.

Elevate Mobile Maturity

Our platform evolves with your needs, seamlessly transitioning from manual mobile testing to achieving one-hour continuous integration.

Unmatched Accuracy

Real device testing uncovers bugs and insights missed by emulators and simulators, ensuring greater precision in your testing.

Efficient Automation

AI-powered mobile testing democratizes automation, making it accessible to all while enhancing the productivity of automation engineers.


Take the drudgery out of mobile test execution and empower accelerated app delivery.

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