Unlock Continuous Testing with Appium Self-Healing

Experience Uninterrupted Test Flows through Intelligent Error Handling and Cross-Device Compatibility

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Reduction in script maintenance time


Reduction in “Element not Found” failures


Nearly zero stops while regression testing

End Flaky Test Scripts

Ensure Continuous Test Execution

Our Appium self-healing capability tackles “Element Not Found” errors head-on. It intelligently recognizes instances where a script fails to locate the specified technical identifier and seamlessly switches to the next most suitable technical identifier, enabling uninterrupted test execution.

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Self-Healing Appium Anywhere

Cross-Device Element Selection

Experience effortless element selection in your automation script, regardless of the device. Our advanced machine learning technology guarantees accurate element identification even when dealing with diverse devices. Say goodbye to relying solely on xpath, only to face element discrepancies across various manufacturers.

AI-Enhanced Accuracy

Elevated Element Identification Precision

With AI-enhanced self-healing automation scripts, our system learns and assimilates crucial data required for precise element recognition within your application. This translates to consistently heightened accuracy in your tests, reducing false failures, and improving with each iteration.

What is Appium Self-Healing?

Appium Self-Healing is a Kobiton feature that automatically corrects “Element Not Found” errors in tests, significantly reducing script maintenance time and “Element not Found” failures.

It intelligently identifies when a script fails to locate a specified identifier and seamlessly shifts to the next best match, ensuring tests proceed without interruption.

It achieves an 80% reduction in script maintenance time by minimizing manual updates and corrections, enabling more continuous and efficient testing workflows.

Advanced machine learning guarantees accurate element selection across devices, eliminating discrepancies caused by varying manufacturers or screen sizes.

Yes, by reducing the frequency of errors and the need for manual intervention, test execution becomes nearly uninterrupted, speeding up the regression testing process.

Self-Healing enhances element identification precision using AI, leading to more accurate tests, fewer false failures, and improved reliability over time.

By streamlining the automation process and ensuring more reliable test execution, it allows teams to focus on delivering higher-quality mobile applications faster.

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