It’s Time For a Level Up! Take the Pain out of Mobile Game Testing

Until now, it’s been challenging to scale test automation for mobile gaming apps. Tame the chaos of testing and release games your fans will love to play.

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Simplify Device Management

Deploy a dedicated mobile device cloud or an in-house device lab

Enable Continuous Testing

Build resilient test automation scripts with cutting-edge object detection technology

Shorten Release Cycles

Test and release faster without sacrificing quality

Create Next-Generation Experiences and Protect Your IP

Boost your gaming edge with our tailored mobile performance testing, crafting unmatched and dynamic content. Beyond superior user experiences, count on secure testing to safeguard your IPs until launch.

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Don’t Just Be a Great Experience – Be the First Experience

Interactive entertainment thrives on novelty, and today’s users eagerly seek standout experiences. To truly captivate, your app should not only impress at first glance but keep players engaged. By innovating and prioritizing top-tier testing, you can outpace competitors, offering not just another app but an unparalleled mobile experience.

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Avoid Negative App Store Ratings

Your intellectual property is invaluable. With Kobiton, enjoy not only swift testing and automation but also stringent security, safeguarding your content during all testing phases, whether cloud-based or on-premises. Play confidently, knowing bugs and leaks are kept from your audience.

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Differentiate Yourself and Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Gaming companies must juggle evolving player demands with robust back-end testing, like rapid app checks and streaming tests. Aiming for gaming excellence? Kobiton delivers a seamless player experience and guards your intellectual property with tailored mobile game testing solutions.

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Learn How to Deliver a Flawless, Dynamic, and Supercharged Mobile App Experience

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