Espresso Testing with Kobiton

Harness the power of Espresso in combination with Kobiton to turbocharge your Android UI testing. Experience speed, reliability, end-to-end testing, seamless collaboration, and cost-efficiency like never before.

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Automatic Synchronization

Eliminate manual wait times.

Concurrent Execution

Test multiple scenarios simultaneously.

Android Studio Integration

Easy to write, run, and debug within the IDE.


Espresso’s Speed Boosts Testing Efficiency

With Espresso, you can execute tests quickly, making it an ideal choice for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. Its automatic synchronization ensures that your tests run precisely when the UI elements are ready, eliminating the need for manual waiting periods.

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UI Testing with Espresso’s Reliability

Espresso is renowned for its reliability in UI testing. It offers robust capabilities to interact with and validate UI elements, ensuring that your app behaves as expected across various devices and screen sizes. This reliability helps you catch bugs and inconsistencies early in the development process, preventing them from reaching your users and preserving your app’s reputation.

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Espresso for End-to-End Testing

Espresso’s comprehensive testing approach helps you identify complex issues that may arise during user interactions, such as navigating through different screens, filling out forms, and making purchases. Espresso ensures that every step of the user journey is thoroughly tested, providing peace of mind that your app delivers a seamless experience.

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Collaboration Simplified – Espresso for Developers and QA

Espresso fosters collaboration between developers and quality assurance (QA) teams. Test scripts written in Espresso are typically concise and easy to understand, making it simpler for developers to create and maintain tests alongside QA specialists. This collaboration ensures that both teams are aligned on app functionality and quality standards, leading to a more efficient development process.

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