Optimizing Mobile App Testing With Applitools and Kobiton Integration

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In the rapidly evolving world of mobile app development, testing efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Our previous discussion unveiled how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing mobile app testing, notably improving processes and accelerating the transition from development to deployment. This conversation sets the stage for a deeper exploration into a groundbreaking development in the testing arena—the integration of Applitools and Kobiton.

This integration represents a significant leap forward, addressing some of the most persistent challenges faced by developers and QA professionals today. By combining Applitools’ cutting-edge Visual AI technology with Kobiton’s versatile device testing platform, this partnership provides a comprehensive solution that drastically enhances test coverage, accuracy, and efficiency. It tackles critical issues such as device fragmentation, user experience consistency across diverse platforms, and the labor-intensive nature of maintaining high-quality tests at scale.

Join us as we delve into how Applitools and Kobiton synergistically bridge the gap between automated precision and real-world variability, offering a robust solution that meets the market’s demand for faster, more reliable app releases. This integration not only streamlines the testing process but also ensures that applications perform impeccably on any device, enhancing user satisfaction and competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Screenshot of Applitools and Kobiton real device testing process

Kobiton and Applitools Together Enhance Test Coverage


Visual AI Capabilities

Applitools is renowned for its Visual AI technology, a cutting-edge tool that automates the visual inspection process during tests. This technology uses sophisticated algorithms to mimic the human eye and brain, allowing it to detect visual anomalies that might otherwise go unnoticed. By doing so, it dramatically simplifies test validation and maintenance, ensuring apps appear and behave as intended across all device types.

Simplifying Test Validation and Maintenance

The integration of Visual AI into testing workflows reduces the manual effort required to spot defects, particularly those that are subtle yet potentially disruptive. Martin Kowalewski from Applitools emphasized this in the webinar:

“Our visual AI capabilities transform how tests are conducted, making it nearly automatic to identify discrepancies that could affect user experience adversely.”

Martin Kowalewski from Applitools

Features of Kobiton

Device Testing Capabilities

Kobiton offers comprehensive device testing solutions that enable real-device testing under actual user conditions. This approach ensures that applications are not only tested in an emulator but in the real world, reflecting true user interactions and environments.

Automation and Real-Device Testing Benefits

The benefit of Kobiton’s approach is clear: it allows developers to see how applications would perform in the hands of actual users, not just in a controlled test environment. This leads to higher quality software and a better understanding of user experiences across different devices and operating systems.

Integration Benefits

Enhancing Both Platforms’ Capabilities

The integration of Applitools’ Visual AI with Kobiton’s device testing capabilities provides a holistic testing environment that leverages the strengths of both platforms. This collaboration enables more thorough testing coverage, faster testing cycles due to automation, and significantly reduced maintenance costs. Real-world application of this integration can be seen in how teams are able to deploy cross-platform tests rapidly, ensuring consistency and functionality across a myriad of devices.

Screenshot of the old way of testing vs the Applitools + Kobiton way

Real-World Benefits

Frank Moyer of Kobiton comments on the integration’s practical benefits during the webinar:

“By integrating with Applitools, we’re not just testing; we’re enhancing the quality assurance process to ensure that every app released performs excellently on any device, anywhere.

Frank Moyer of Kobiton

A practical demonstration of this integration was showcased in the webinar, where a complex mobile application underwent a series of tests to illustrate the combined capabilities of Applitools and Kobiton. The scenario detailed how tests are set up, executed, and analyzed, showing firsthand the ease and effectiveness of this integrated approach.

The integration of Applitools and Kobiton represents a significant advancement in overcoming the myriad challenges of mobile app testing. By leveraging AI and real-device testing, companies can ensure their products meet the high standards expected by modern users, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and competitive edge.

To understand better how Applitools and Kobiton can transform your mobile app testing strategy, watch the full replay of the insightful discussion and see these powerful tools in action.

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