March 2021 Kobiton Product Update: New iOS support, response time in the Session Explorer, & more

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Kobiton’s March 2021 release is here, and we are excited to tell you all about it! We’ve focused heavily on front-end Performance Testing, adding support for some of the latest iOS versions, and making our scriptless automation even more CI/CD friendly with new API capabilities. Keep reading to learn more!


Front-end Performance Testing: Response time in the Session Explorer and Payload Capture for iOS Native applications

We keep hearing from Performance Engineers and QA Engineers that front-end Performance Testing is becoming a major area of focus for their teams. While much of Performance Testing has been focused on the back-end (think load testing, stress testing, spike testing, volume testing, etc.), there has been much less focus from a vendor-perspective on the front-end—especially as it pertains to mobile!

Kobiton is changing that.

We already unrolled our network payload capture over the last several releases (and have now made this capability available for iOS Native apps with this release), but now we are taking it a step further by capturing and visualizing overall response time per step test in the Session Explorer. If you want to see how this works, check out the video linked below!

This new combination of the Response Time chart with the Network Payload chart allows you to first find the performance issues (using the Response Time chart) and then understand the potential factors impacting the performance.

New API’s for Kobiton Scriptless Automation

Many teams use CI/CD pipelines to automate steps in the software delivery process, such as initiating code builds, running automated tests, and deploying to a staging or production environment. API’s are often a large part of these pipelines, so we continue to add new API capabilities alongside our scriptless automation. 


The new crash notification API

These teams really like Kobiton’s NOVA AI Engine’s capability to identify app crashes automatically using NOVA’s baked-in crash assertions, and many have been looking to create automated notification systems via API’s.

With this release, we are exposing a new API to detect crash occurrence. This way, users can integrate this API into parts of their CI/CD pipelines and flows and will notify users of crash assertions while running automated testing through Kobiton. Each notification will also return a deep link to the team so that they can investigate the cause of the crash within our Session Explorer, making each crash easily understandable.

Triggering scriptless automation via API’s using the DeviceBundleID

Teams authoring their automation using Kobiton Scriptless automation solution can now input the device bundle ID as one of the parameters for triggering Kobiton scriptless automation, in addition to using device capabilities. To make this even easier, we display the device bundle ID in the tab when selecting and managing your Device Bundles within the Kobiton portal.

When users trigger their scriptless automation via tis API using a specified device bundle ID, all devices associated with that bundle will be adequately selected for automation executions—making Continuous Testing even easier for Kobiton teams.

New iOS version support

With this release, we now support up to iOS 14.5 Beta 1 using Xcode 12.5 Beta 1. With this support, you can make sure that you are able to test on the latest and greatest operating systems out there!

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