Continuous testing. Made easy.

Intelligent Test Automation

Scriptless Automation on ANY device. Perform a manual test on one device and replicate the same test on hundreds of devices.

Making the move to automation has never been easier with the first, and only, mobile scriptless automation platform.

  • Perform a manual test

    Test your app functionality on either iOS or Android. Use all the natural swipe/scroll gestures as your normally would.

  • Automatic test case generation

    Kobiton automatically generates an automated test script directly from your manual session!

  • Replay and Remediate

    Easily execute your new automated script across hundreds of devices. With full support for "human-in-the-loop" remediation of any execution issues.

From Zero to Done. Instant Automation.

Scriptless Automation

Kobiton’s Intelligent Test Automation makes automation testing accessible and scalable to teams of all sizes. Automatically create test scripts by converting manual test sessions into scripts that can be executed on over 350+ real-devices. It’s like Appium. Only Faster.

Kobiton gives automation testers “super powers”.

Automated Mobile Functional testing at scale

Creating functional test scripts using Intelligent Test Automation is the quickest path to mobile automation at scale. With full support for a variety of assertions, your test scripts can be as simple as checking your app layout on hundreds of devices, finding hard to replicate crash scenarios, to performing complex functional logic tests.

Quality beyond the pixels.

Automated Crash Detection

Even the best designed App may crash on certain device and operating system combinations. After all, with literally thousands of device permutations the likelihood of a mis-behaved app increases. Intelligent Test Automation allows you to quickly replay your automation test on hundreds of devices to find crash scenarios. And with built-in integration to your defect management system, you can have a ticket automatically created, with the debug session attached.

Pixel Perfect. Detail Obsessive.

Visual Validation

(Coming Q2/2020)

Nowhere is the need for visual perfection more important, and more challenging, than on mobile devices. Different form factors, device types, screen rotations, and operating systems wreak havoc on even the best designed Apps. Kobiton’s ability to execute your test script on hundreds of devices with automatic visual anomaly detection at varying levels of scrutiny lets you deploy your changes with confidence.

Tired of hearing that “QA is the bottleneck”?

Enable Continuous Testing

Automation testing is great. Integrating it into your DevOps process is even better. Kobiton shrinks the time from new app release to DevOps integration by minimizing the time needed to update automation scripts and remediate new test failures. You’ll never again hear “QA is the bottleneck”. It’s time to silence the naysayers.

Say goodbye to “NoSuchElement” exceptions

Appium Anywhere

Kobiton’s Appium Anywhere technology puts an end to brittle or flaky test scripts. Our machine learning technology means no more finding elements by xpath only to have them change across device manufacturers! Say goodbye to “NoSuchElement” exceptions thanks to self-healing test scripts. Appium Anywhere brings Appium to the promised land of Write-Once-Run-Everywhere.

It's your tests. Keep them.

100% Open Standard Appium. You're protected.

(Coming Q2/2020)

Kobiton Intelligent Test Automation generates 100% open standard Appium code. You get full access to the generated code to do with as you please, whether that's to customize the code, run it on a competing device testing platform, or integrate it into your DevOps process (or even sell it!). By not locking you into a proprietary solution you can rest assured your investment is protected..

Integration with your favorite tools

Test on real devices at the speed of Continuous Deployment!

Integrations include: Jenkins, HockeyApp, JIRA and more!

See how GreenSky delivers the perfect mobile experience.

GreenSky’s mission is to help businesses grow and delight their customers. Learn how their emphasis on 'mobile-first' and a fanatical focus on the customer experience has propelled them to be a leader in the industry.

And much more...

Secure Connections

Utilize VPN or secure connections from your private Kobiton cloud back to your on-premise data.

Appium and Selenium support

Open standard Selenium and Appium support means your script investment is protected. Enjoy mobile web and native app testing on the cloud or on-premise.

Full Video Recording

Each and every test is captured with full video recording, along with full logs.

Parallel Script Execution

Unlike competitors, Kobiton doesn't charge you for more sessions (or even more users). Improve your testing efficiency by running your tests in parallel!

Lower App Abandonment

One-in-four apps are abandoned after first use. Ensure your app works as expected on all devices.

Accelerate App Delivery

Integrate real-device testing into your CI/CD processes and release at the speed of digital.

Selecting Kobiton means you're in good company.

Experience Kobiton Today

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