Mobile App Performance Testing

Capture more revenue with Kobiton Mobile Performance Testing

Optimize mobile application performance to drive better app store ratings, lower app abandonment, and capture more revenue on mobile channels. Kobiton Mobile App Performance Testing makes it easy.

Optimize your app or site for an m-commerce world.

Why Mobile App Performance Testing Matters

In a world gone digital, your application's or website's performance has never been more important. The stats prove it.

A projected 73% of e-commerce sales will be made on a mobile device by the end of 2021.

The mobile shopping cart abandonment rate is an astonishing 85%.

70% of smartphone app or site abandonment is due to pages taking too much time to load.

40% of mobile shoppers will wait no more than 3 seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site.

Performance Testing for the mobile team.

Don’t just meet performance expectations. Surpass them.

Mobile Performance Testing is crucial to providing high-quality customer experiences. The Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform makes it easy.

Access the industry’s best Real Device Cloud and Mobile Lab, and make sure that a high-performance experience reaches across every instance and every real-world scenario. As you test, we'll gather metrics around your app and device performance for you, so that you can quickly review that information once you've finished.

Empower your performance engineers.

Integrate Kobiton's powerful payload capture with leading load test solutions

With Kobiton, test crucial app and website-specific performance with our Payload capture while also integrating our real device cloud with leading load and stress testing tools like NeoLoad. Together, you'll provide your org with the perfect mobile Performance Testing solution.

Test how you want. We'll make your strategy more productive.

Drive Front-end Mobile Performance Testing across your entire organization

No matter how you choose to automate (or not automate), we will have a solution that perfectly fits the needs of your teams.

With Kobiton, capture performance metrics like Payload information on Appium automated tests and manual tests run on Kobiton real devices.

Automate high-performance without a single line of code.

Scriptless automated Performance Testing

Simply put, the NOVA AI Engine will do what no other vendor can with scriptless Performance Testing that was built for mobile.

Let our AI build and execute scriptless automated Performance Tests and identify issues for quick remediation. With Kobiton, ensure that your mobile performance captures revenue instead of losing it.

The Kobiton Session Explorer.

Make testing fun again with the
best Session Exploration around

Finding bugs and defects is fun. However, digging through endless screenshots and test logs isn’t. That’s why we made a Session Exploration tool so groundbreaking that we had to make a video about it.

Higher performance on every device, for every paying customer.

Performance Testing with Compatibility Testing baked in (Coming 1H 2021)

Say goodbye to "High performance here, but low performance there." With Kobiton, you can bake in Compatibility Testing across devices and chip speeds with a single click of a button.

Let the NOVA AI Engine capture your manual exploratory test and then intelligently navigate and execute that test across your library of real devices automatically. And, yes, there's no code required.

Comprehensive quality.

Explore the rest of our quality suite.


Real-device testing

When the quality of your mobile experience directly impacts the quantity of new revenue captured, it’s important to test on the devices that your customers actually use.


Functional Testing

Enjoy premium functional testing on the fastest real device testing platform on the market, with support for manual testing, automated testing, and the industry's first and only scriptless automation solution to deliver releases 10x faster!


Visual Testing

Kobiton offers the world's most comprehensive mobile Visual Testing solution. Catch functional issues that render visually, stop visual issues that slip past Functional tests, and optimize your mobile UI and UX for picture-perfect releases.

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