March 2022 Product Update

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Kobiton’s March 2022 release is here, and we are excited to share what we’ve been working on! For this release, we’re introducing flexCorrect, and adding organizational elements to the portal, improving the performance of the Device Inspector, and clearing some hurdles from testing on hidden iOS fields.

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Introducing flexCorrect: Kobiton’s smart engine driven capability aimed at eliminating “Element Not Found” errors

I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m going to say that every tester has run into the very frustrating “element not found” error – which basically stops a test and requires mediation to keep going. Frustrating – we know!
Which is why we are so excited to introduce flexCorrect. By providing a new desiredCap called “kobiton:flexCorrect”, automation testers have a fall back solution when their script encounters the “element not found” error due to Element Selector changes. 

Test Case Management: Organize your tests, keep track of test steps, and re-run the test you need without having to search through a list of session numbers. 

Let’s get real, tests add up! From one day to the next, the amount of test runs, new test, re-run of a test can range from one to well – many. To help organize your day-to-day testing, we’ve added Test Case Management, where users will be able to turn a manual test into a test case, displaying specific test steps, edit the name of the test – think Testing login functionality vs. Session 4733829. We’re excited to introduce the beginnings of this feature; return for enhancements planned for 2022.

iOS hidden field prompt: Because testing on real iOS devices often means having to test through added security features, we’ve added a visual prompt to display hidden fields 

With iOS 13, Apple introduced hidden text fields, allowing users to input info without it being visible on the screen. We all appreciate the security that brings to our everyday phone use, but it does add a level of complexity when testing is involved. Although there are workarounds, we’ve decided to ease the process by adding a prompt to display the password field on the portal and make the input visible.

Device Inspector Enhancements

The Device Inspector gives users a look into an app’s elements – its paths, tags, identifiers. Everything you need to know to write testing scripts that don’t break. We really think the Device Inspector makes it easier to get scripting. In this release, we’ve updated the functionality to automatically update the attributes panel once an element is selected. 

New iOS support

With this release, we now support iOS 15.2.1 and 15.3. 
Wrapping up 2022 is an exciting year for us. As we continue to push the boundaries of what a smart testing platform can do, we want to hear from you and learn how Kobiton helps reach your testing goals. So please, drop a comment below or reach out to your Kobiton contact. There’s plenty more to come this year!

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