May 2022 Product Update: Delete a Test Step and Battery Drain Metrics

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We just launched our April 2022 release, and it includes some really exciting new things like deleting a test script and battery drain metrics.


Battery drain metrics (Kobiton only)

With about 80% of mobile apps abandoned after the first use, the stakes are high to deliver an excellent user experience. Besides ensuring that an app looks and functions the same across different devices, testing the app’s battery usage to make sure the app is not a battery drainer is just as important. An app that consumes a lot of battery not only limits the amount of time spent on your app, it also affects the users ability to use their device all together – you definitely don’t want to be that app!

Effectively measuring the battery usage of an app is time consuming and complicated. To alleviate having to go through the manual process of gathering this data, we’ve added Battery Drain to our metrics data. 

For customers connected to a Cambrionix hub, battery usage will automatically be gathered and displayed in real-time and can be further examined as part of the testing details on the Session Explorer.

Image Injection Enhancements (Kobiton only)

Thank you for the feedback on the image injection feature introduced earlier in the year. We know how important it is to be able to test images across your apps and are grateful that you’ve been using it and providing info to make it better. 

In this release, we have made a few requested changes, including access to image injection on portal’s main navigation and added the image injection event to the test timeline in Session Explorer. Now, you or someone in your org can see at what point in the testing process the image was injected into the device and view a popup of the image.

Delete a Test Step

It happens to everyone, while running a manual test you accidentally click the wrong button, add an extra step, or enter the wrong input. So, you don’t want to use that test in scriptless testing, and need to start all over again. It’s a wasted test and thus a waste of your time.

We’ve been thinking through the Test Case Management process and have been working on flows to alleviate the frustrations that come with manual testing. This release introduces the ability to delete a test step before converting it into a scriptless test. Instead of needing to recreate the test, without the accidental step, you can look through the steps and eliminate the unneeded one.

We hope that this change in the workflow reduces the need to repeat tests. 

XCUITest Support (previously available in Legacy, now in Kobiton too)

Designed to ease UI testing on iOS devices, XCUITest is known and used for its reliability, speed, and stableness. With all those qualities, we understand why some test teams choose to use it over other testing frameworks and are excited that the latest version of Kobiton now supports using XCUITest.

Wrapping Up
If you can believe it, the first quarter of 2022 is in the past. As we continue to work on our new Kobiton platform, we remain true to our focus in creating an end-to-end testing platform that provides you with the confidence that your app will provide the optimum user experience.

We are gearing up for some exciting additions, so stay tuned. As always, we encourage you to let us know how we are doing in the form below. 

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