How Enterprise Brands Benefit from Kobiton + Buildkite

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How Enterprise Brands Benefit from Kobiton + Buildkite

Buildkite is a hybrid SaaS platform designed for enterprise scale. Buildkite jobs are run in your environments, behind your firewall. Because your source code is never shared with them, Buildkite provides the control and security of on-prem combined with the convenience of it being hosted.

Kobiton is the new standard for mobile device labs, a cloud-based platform that empowers developers to build great products faster. Our solutions allow mobile app developers and testers to access real iOS and Android devices, run manual or automated scripts, and identify issues in real time.

Together, Kobiton and Buildkite allow developers and testers to release & deploy applications efficiently. By calling your application to a Kobiton device & kicking off automation via Buildkite, teams are deploying 3x faster.
Differences Between Buildkite and Jenkins

While Kobiton can integrate with any SaaS platform used for managing builds, orchestration, and reporting, Buildkite is a bit different from other industry players.

  • Scalability – Buildkite is a hybrid SaaS platform designed for enterprise scale. Run as many jobs as you need and Buildkite will manage the orchestration or reporting. You’re in charge of the builds, Buildkite is in charge of the platform.
  • Speed – Buildkite build times are much faster. With Jenkins, it will take hours to run a build, whereas with Buildkite that same build will run in minutes.

Customer Testimonial

The largest ride-hailing app worldwide has found success using the combination of Kobiton & Buildkite to continuously make their app performant in the marketplace.

They have dramatically benefited from the degree to which our partnership can be scaled and how it can be customized to fit their specific requirements.

More about their Scalability + Speed:
They run many thousands of agents concurrently to handle the extremely high number of builds they run on their application. This allows them to test on over 3,000 devices hosted privately & on-premise.
They can tweak agent and pipeline behavior to create a CI setup specific to them and fully customize their mobile testing environment in the process.


The better together story for Kobiton + Buildkite is built on two tenants: speed & scalability. Enterprise brands across the world have found mobile app excellence through a combination of these two factors, and continue to improve their app experiences. Platforms that integrate easily and partner together allow for not only a better user experience but also seamless success.

Learn more about using Buildkite with Kobiton by checking our support documentation here, or contact us for a personalized demo. 

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