Kobiton Acquires Mobile Labs

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Kobiton acquires mobile labs

Mobile Experience Platform leader Kobiton is acquiring the best-in-class on-premises mobile testing platform, Mobile Labs, Inc. The combined platform will allow developers and QA teams to deliver apps faster with higher quality by leveraging artificial intelligence across real-devices spanning both cloud and on-premises deployments.

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The joint entity now powers the mobile experience for the world’s leading brands. No other mobile testing provider comes close in depth or breadth of the offering. Customers can now enjoy the most flexible, the most secure and the highest performing mobile testing platform, along with industry-leading AI to release apps even faster.

A message from Kevin Lee, CEO of Kobiton

“Valued Customers, Users and Prospects – Our vision of the ultimate mobile experience platform has always been to drive value for Development, QA, DevOps and Product Management in order to deliver perfect mobile experiences for their customers. High performance, flexible deployment models and a cutting-edge feature set are core to fulfilling that vision. 

We have just announced that we have acquired the leading secure on-premises device lab provider, Mobile Labs, Inc. With this acquisition, we strengthen our commitment to continued innovation for our customers. Working with enterprises of all sizes, we’ve witnessed a distinct need to maximize deployment flexibility in the most complex of environments while maximizing security and management of devices.

The joint Kobiton & Mobile Labs platform brings the best of AI-leading test automation and cloud deployment, with the leading on-premises device management solution.

We look forward to rolling out exciting product updates and we pledge to keep an open line of communication as we work to deliver the next generation of mobile testing platforms.


Kevin Lee, CEO Kobiton”


What does this mean for my existing Kobiton relationship?

Everything about your existing Kobiton relationship remains intact. Your product access remains the same, your licenses remain the same and your pricing model remains unchanged. 

Do we have to transition platforms?

No – The combined Kobiton and Mobile Labs entity is there to give you the best of both worlds. As a Kobiton customer, you can continue to use the Kobiton platform as-is with no change and no interruption. However, you now will also have access to some of the unique features that Mobile Labs provides, including on-site secure cart deployments.

Who is Mobile Labs?

Since the first install in 2012, Mobile Labs remains the leading supplier of in-house mobile device clouds that connect remote, shared smartphones and tablets to Global 2000 mobile web, gaming, and app engineering teams. The company’s patented GigaFox™ is offered on-premises or hosted, and solves mobile device sharing and management challenges that arise during development, debugging, manual testing, and automated testing. A pre-installed and pre-configured Appium server with custom tools provides “instant on” Appium test automation. GigaFox enables scheduling, collaboration, user management, security, mobile DevOps, and continuous automated testing for mobility teams spread across the globe and can connect cloud devices to an industry-leading number of third-party tools such as XCode, Android Studio, and many commercial test automation tools.

What is the plan and roadmap to integrate the two offerings?

We will be sharing the integration roadmap with you, and you will be invited to private webinars with our CTO, where you will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions. At no time will you lose any of the functionality you have come to know and love with Kobiton.

How do we continue to operate on a day-to-day basis? What if I have a support question?

Nothing will change in your day to day operations and you can continue to reach out to our friendly support team on the channels you currently use. 

What are some of the tangible benefits that I will get as a result of this merger?

We’re glad you asked! This merger was borne out of a strong vision for what it would take to deliver the ultimate mobile testing platform. With it, you can expect:

  • Best-in-class secure on-premises deployment
  • The ability to transition to, or supplement your existing deployment with, a cloud-based deployment model requiring less device maintenance
  • The largest collection of real-devices available for testing
  • The latest in AI test automation technologies including scriptless test automation
  • The fastest performance of any mobile device lab

What is the next step?

Although your day-to-day operations will not change, from product access, features or support, we do understand you may have additional questions. Your account manager will be reaching out to you to provide further details about the merger and to answer any questions you may have.  In the meantime, feel free to contact us at mobilelabs@kobiton.com and a member of our team will be happy to provide some additional guidance, or reach out to your account manager at any time.

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