7 Hidden Costs and Fails of Legacy Mobile Testing Labs

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Blog image text "7 Hidden Costs and Fails of Legacy Mobile testing labs"

Some of the biggest names in mobile cloud testing are swindling you. Fact. Their outdated technologies can’t keep up with the accelerating demands of modern mobile app development and the growing need to nix app abandonment across more digital platforms, shrinking release cycles, and near-zero user tolerance for Crapps (that’s ‘crappy’ + ‘apps’). Yet, legacy testing clouds including AWS, SauceLabs and Perfecto continue to charge a fortune for capabilities you’ll never use.

Avoid the scam. Read our paper: “7 Hidden Costs and Fails of Legacy Mobile Testing Labs” to learn the shenanigans and limitations of dinosaur solutions. These platforms will soon be replaced by a flexible open integration approach where testers can access real devices to securely test any app (web, native and hybrid) on any device or OS combination (Android and iOS; in-hand, on-site and in the cloud). You’ll also meet Kobiton, the industry’s new open integration cloud that’s killing it, at 30% of the cost.

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