Making the move to automated testing has never been easier.

Generate 100% open standard appium scripts directly from your exploratory tests!

Slaying Appium Complexity

Appium is the leading choice for mobile test automation, offering power and flexibility in one platform. However, this power comes at the price of complexity.


Kobiton's Appium script generation let's you easily conduct an exploratory test and have Kobiton generate ready-to-go Appium scripts. No more coding to find elements. Just "click, click, swipe and click".

Note: Appium Script Generation is currently in beta and available to all our Enterprise customers.

It's Appium. Just Better.

Key Features

You're minutes away from Appium Nirvana

Appium with no programming. Unless you want to.

Generate Appium scripts directly from your exploratory tests.  There's never been a quicker or easier way to make the move to automation.


Using our intuitive manual device testing capabilities, simply walk through your test case by clicking, swiping and typing on the device. When you've finished your test, quickly and easily generate Appium scripts.  


Congratulations, you've made the jump to automation.

From idea to Appium script

100% Open Standard Appium. You're protected.

Kobiton generates 100% open standard Appium code. You get full access to the generated code to do with as you please, whether that's to customize the code, run it on a competing device testing platform, or integrate it into your DevOps process (or even sell it!).


By not locking you into a proprietary solution you can rest assured your investment is protected.


This is not your uncle's Record and Playback.

Appium for any device

Appium test scripts tend to be "brittle" - they break easily when the app changes or when the underlying device and operating system changes.


Our Appium script generation will ensure that your scripts will run on all the major devices in your region. In fact, we make sure our code runs on the top 25+ devices and can customize for your unique needs.


With Kobiton you start to realize the power of Appium but with the benefit of Automate-Once-Run-Anywhere.

From one screen, one test case to ... the sky's the limit

Kobiton lets you start small and scale over time.  Dip your toes in the water with a single test case, or dive in and generate thousands of Appium scripts for full application coverage. The choice is yours.

Appium Script Generation

Companies like Office Depot and River Island are using the Kobiton testing platform to create perfect user experiences. Let us show you what Kobiton can do for you.