Visual Testing

Inject Kobiton Visual Testing into your mobile quality strategy

Kobiton offers the world's most comprehensive mobile Visual Testing solution. Catch functional issues that render visually, stop visual issues that slip past Functional tests, and optimize your mobile UI and UX for picture-perfect releases.

Ensure visual perfection for every paying customer.

Why Mobile Visual Testing Matters

Even if Functional Testing and Performance Testing are taken care of, visual issues will often slip through the cracks. This is especially true when trying to ensure visual consistency across a vast amount of mobile device permutations.

And this has serious implications for the business. A visual blocker can mean the difference between your app being used or your competitor’s. Remember: 1 in 4 applications are abandoned upon first use.

Visual Testing that's optimized for mobile.

Make sure everything looks right with the industry’s best Visual Testing

Simply put, Kobiton can do what no other vendor can with automated Visual Validation that's built for mobile. With the click of a button, your scriptless test will capture the visual discrepancies between your application or mobile website's visual output across different devices.

No more endless screenshots. No more cost per comparison.

Move faster at lower cost with Kobiton

Whether you’re attempting manual Visual Testing or using a traditional automated solution, you’re having to take a lot of screenshots in order to set your baselines.

We think that takes too long and costs too much.

Our AI engine automatically captures screenshots of every screen with every action taken during your Functional Test and infers those as baselines for automated comparison. Oh, and we don’t charge extra for the number of comparisons, unlike other vendors.

We'll tell you what beautiful is.

Pioneering the next generation of Visual Testing

Traditional Visual Testing vendors have really only provided Visual Validation once you have a baseline at-hand. But what about getting to a perfect baseline to begin with?

We've taken this next step. Alongside our Visual Validation, The Kobiton NOVA AI Engine is also able to test the beauty of your UI Design as compared to the best and most beautiful apps in the world. You'll be standing on the shoulders of giants, and that makes you taller and more noticeable in the app store.

Access to the DOM is a game-changer.

Less false positives than other solutions

When you choose to host and access real devices with Kobiton, your Visual Testing naturally gets better. Because we have access to your devices’ DOMs, we are able to reduce the amount of false-positive tests and actually find more visual issues that other vendors simply can’t.

Declare visual perfection for every device.

Compatibility Testing included

With the NOVA AI engine, you can bake-in compatibility testing across devices, operating systems, and form factors with a simple click of a button.

The NOVA AI engine is able to capture your manual test and then intelligently navigate, execute that test, and then compare the screenshots it takes as baselines across your library of real devices to ensure the utmost compatibility. And yes, no code required.

Comprehensive quality.

At this point, you can probably tell that our Visual Testing offering is second to none. But that’s not all we offer.


Real-device testing

When the quality of your mobile experience directly impacts the quantity of new revenue captured, it’s important to test on the devices that your customers actually use.


Functional Testing

Enjoy premium functional testing on the fastest real device testing platform on the market, with support for manual testing, automated testing, and the industry's first and only scriptless automation solution to deliver releases 10x faster!


Performance Testing

Optimize mobile application performance to drive better app store ratings, lower app abandonment, and capture more revenue on mobile channels. Kobiton Performance Testing makes it easy.

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