Comprehensive Mobile Testing

The Kobiton Intelligent Quality Suite

Comprehensive Mobile Testing should ensure that your application works as planned, performs at a high level, and looks awesome. Use Kobiton to cover for all three.

From Functional Testing, to Performance Testing, to Visual Testing, Kobiton has you covered.

Ultimate coverage. Total flexibility. Happy testers.

Mobile Testing that empowers
every team to test everything.

No matter who you are or where you fit within the SDLC, Mobile Testing matters. That’s why we built a platform that offers solutions for the entire quality-driven mobile team. Whether you have a need for Functional Testing, Performance Testing, and/or Visual Testing, Kobiton has a solution for you.

Android Mobile App Testing

Functional Testing

Android Device Testing Cloud Access

Performance Testing


Visual Testing

Make sure your app works correctly.

Catch major issues before release with Functional Testing for the mobile-first team.

Make sure that your app works as expected with multiple options for automated and manual functional testing. Run scripted test automation on Kobiton devices using popular tools like Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest. Or, harness the power of our NOVA AI Engine to create scriptless test automation.

Higher performance. More revenue.

Optimize mobile revenue capture with Kobiton Performance Testing.

Industry research found that 70% of smartphone app or mobile website abandonment is due to pages taking too much time to load. In a world where 73% of total e-commerce sales are projected to be made on a mobile device by the end of 2021, that's a lot of potential lost revenue.

Use Kobiton for Mobile Performance Testing, and capture crucial performance indicators around issues with Payload, CPU usage, memory, etc.

Picture perfect software.

Catch more bugs with automated Visual Testing that's made for mobile.

Automated Visual Testing catches bugs that slip past the traditional automated Functional Test. However, until now, the market has lacked a comprehensive Visual Testing solution that is built for mobile.

Enter Kobiton.

Inject our AI Engine into your testing strategy and drive automated Visual Testing across your real mobile devices. We'll flag visual discrepancies between outputs on different devices and also provide recommendations around how to best optimize your UI/UX for easy remediation.

Pioneering the next era of Visual Testing

We’ll tell you what beautiful is: Visual Design and UX Testing

We took Visual Testing to the next level. Our Visual Testing solution doesn’t just stop at automated Visual Validation. The Kobiton NOVA AI Engine has learned to take what you’ve built and compare the design quality and UX against the world’s best and most beautiful UI’s. Get ready for AI-driven design recommendations.

That’s right. We’ll tell you what beautiful is.

Real devices only.

Mobile Testing on real devices matters

When the quality of your mobile experience directly impacts the quantity of new revenue captured, it’s important to test on the devices that your customers actually use. And nobody uses a simulator to call Uber.

With Kobiton, leverage the industry’s most flexible real device cloud and on-premises Mobile Lab. Also, our DirectTest architecture means that the input lag you used to experience with a tool like Sauce Labs, Perfecto, or BrowserStack is a thing of the past.

Move fast and break test things.

Go from manual testing to test automation >10x faster with the NOVA AI engine

It’s time for a whole new era of mobile quality. Kobiton’s NOVA AI engine is the secret sauce that makes the scriptless test automation of the future work. Because NOVA is actually AI.

And we don't discriminate. Whether you need to test Native, Hybrid, Mobile-web, and/or Progressive web apps (PWA's), NOVA's got you covered.

Comprehensive quality.

Explore the rest of our quality suite.


Functional testing

Enjoy premium functional testing on the fastest real device testing platform on the market, with support for manual testing, automated testing, and the industry's first and only scriptless automation solution to deliver releases 10x faster!

Visual Testing

Kobiton offers the world's most comprehensive mobile Visual Testing solution. Catch functional issues that render visually, stop visual issues that slip past Functional tests, and optimize your mobile UI and UX for picture-perfect releases.


Performance Testing

Optimize mobile application performance to drive better app store ratings, lower app abandonment, and capture more revenue on mobile channels. Kobiton Performance Testing makes it easy.

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