Using Appium Desktop with Kobiton

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Using Appium Desktop with Kobiton


If you use Appium, you probably have used the Appium Desktop app. With the latest release of the desktop, Appium has Kobiton devices integrated and accessible directly from the app.

From Appium’s site:

“Appium Desktop is an app for Mac, Windows, and Linux which gives you the power of the Appium automation server in a beautiful and flexible UI. It is a combination of a few Appium-related tools:

  • A graphical interface for the Appium Server. You can set options, start/stop the server, see logs, etc… You also don’t need to use Node/NPM to install Appium, as the Node runtime comes bundled with Appium Desktop.
  • An Inspector that you can use to look at your app’s elements, get basic information about them, and perform basic interactions with them. This is useful as a way to learn about Appium or as a way to learn about your app so you can write tests for it.”

Kobiton integration with Appium Desktop allows you to inspect your app elements remotely using the Kobiton device cloud and Kobiton In-House device. Download the latest release of Appium Desktop from the Appium release page on GitHub.

Usage Instructions

Refer the instructions on Appium Desktop GitHub page to start using Appium Desktop. Follow the below steps to use Kobiton with Appium Desktop:

Configure Kobiton credentials and Desired Capabilities

  • On Appium Desktop app, select Appium -> New Session Window
  • Select the Kobiton tab
  • Enter the Kobiton Username and Kobiton Access Key
  • Enter your Desired Capabilities
  • Click Save button
  • Next, click Start Session


  • If you do not have a Kobiton account yet, go ahead to create a free trial account and sign in. It takes just a few moments.
  • After signing in, you should be on the Devices page. Hover over the device you want to test and select Show automation settings, as shown below.
image of automation settings for galaxy S5

After connecting with a Kobiton device, you will be able to inspect elements of your app/web and record the session using the Kobiton device.

video of session
video of session

Now you’ll be able to inspect an app or website with tghe new Appium Desktop.

Test Results

After ending your test session, you can access to view test results. And, then clicking on the latest session, you can see its detailed information such as execution duration, status, and device, etc… You can also view all HTTP requests by selecting the HTTP COMMANDS tab and logs in LOGS tab.

video of session

With the Kobiton integration in the Appium Desktop App, you now have the convenience and flexibility that Appium desktop provides, with a seamless experience to test your app on real-devices using the Kobiton device cloud.

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