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Kobiton at GDC

The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) has delivered gaming industry innovations and breakthrough technologies to gaming professionals for over 30 years. With 2024 gaming revenue expected to reach $111.4 billion globally, GDC 2024 is positioned to maintain its historic role of shaping and influencing the future of the gaming industry. 

This year, more than 28,000 attendees will spend five session-packed days in San Francisco, learning about market innovations in all stages of video game creation—from programming, design, and testing to monetization and marketing.

Kobiton, the leading provider of mobile testing solutions, will be on hand at GDC 2024 to offer inventive insights on elevating the standards of mobile game testing and quality assurance. At booth S1369 in the south hall, Kobiton will address the challenges developers face when scaling test automation for mobile gaming apps in the dynamic and ever-evolving gaming industry.

What Is GDC 2024?

GDC is the game industry’s premier professional event, championing game developers and the advancement of their craft. Programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, and business leaders will converge at GDC 2024 for one objective: to build better gaming systems. Poised for significant transformation over the next several years, the gaming industry will see trends that will drive consumer preferences and immersive first-person video gaming experiences, like augmented reality, virtual reality, and Esports.

GDC 2024 attendees can expect: 

  • To choose from over 1,000 lectures, seminars, and roundtables as notable experts deliver vast knowledge and experience on topics like blockchain-based gaming and competitive multiplayer gaming. 
  • A peek at the latest gaming technology, such as generative AI and new PC gaming platforms and product introductions will be on hand at one of the largest gaming expos in the world, GDC Expo.
  • Massive networking opportunities are inevitable at GDC, offering pathways to new partnerships, project idea exchanges, and gaming discussions with like-minded people. 
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Mobile Gaming Trends We Expect At GDC 2024

Cross-platform game development is one of the most notable trends for 2024, allowing gamers to use the same accounts to play the same game on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Creating a more unified, interactive, and engaging experience is a big part of gaming development—no matter the platform. 

But mobile gaming will also continue to see growth and transformation, emphasizing innovation and player-centric approaches. Developers must provide an improved UX experience, using data to ensure a more seamless gaming experience through hybrid in-app purchases and in-app advertising. 

Quality will be the top priority for mobile app development as ratings dictate success. Well-designed, device optimized games with flawless execution will generate lower abandonment rates and higher levels of success. App store algorithms are influenced by ratings, with popular, high rated games leading to increased visibility and even more downloads. For game developers, generating increased revenue will mean a laser focus on quality.  

Why is Kobiton Headed to GDC?

As mobile game developers focus on quality and UX, mobile game testing standards and QA teams need to evolve rapidly and scale test automation to ensure five-star game quality. Unique challenges are ahead for QA teams as they build and test more complex games. In addition to complexity of development and an intense focus on user experience, device compatibility and accessibility for all will also challenge game developers and QA teams.  

Kobiton’s easy-to-use and highly flexible mobile app testing platform allows users to quickly run manual and automated tests on real devices, with best in class frame rates, and deeper insights for testers.  To enhance our platform specifically for mobile game development and testing processes, Kobiton recently partnered with GameDriver, the premiere automated testing solution for gaming and XR experiences. Kobiton is the first mobile device cloud vendor to build in native support for GameDriver tests, making it easier than ever to test across multiple platforms, device types, and versions than ever before. We’re excited about our partnership and will be at GDC to showcase our unique capabilities for mobile game developers and testers. 

Image of Kobiton and GameDriver as partners

Kobiton + GameDriver Will Offer a New Gold Standard For Mobile Game Developers and Testers at GDC 2024

The Kobiton and GameDriver partnership revolutionizes mobile game testing for developers and testers, merging advanced automation with real-device testing capabilities. This integration offers the unique benefit of enhancing testing efficiency, ensuring your games not only captivate with their superior quality but also excel in performance across all devices.

How It Works

Leveraging Kobiton’s Turbo Test Execution, our integration with GameDriver ensures high-speed, low-latency testing on real devices via our mobile testing platform. Kobiton users simply enable the Turbo Test Execution on their Kobiton subscription, integrate the GameDriver agent into their game app, and prepare their GameDriver test project. That’s it. 

At GDC 2024 you’ll learn how you can launch tests effortlessly using Kobiton API credentials and command line execution, blending Kobiton’s cloud prowess with GameDriver’s testing efficiency for unparalleled gaming experiences.

Kobiton’s mobile testing platform offers real device access, performance insights, and integration flexibility, plus we are built for scalability and integration with existing tools. Kobiton’s testing environment closely mimics real-world conditions—a real bonus for gaming environments, where things like device fragmentation, OS updates, memory and storage limitations, and varied network conditions can interrupt gameplay.

The Future of Mobile Game Testing Is Kobiton

The combination of GameDriver’s automated game testing technology with Kobiton’s comprehensive mobile testing platform signals a new era in game testing. 

It’s the gold standard for mobile game QA and offers a unified solution that streamlines testing workflows by enabling mobile developers using game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine to test their apps and games using GameDriver’s automated testing solution.

Developers can optimize game development and QA processes across diverse gaming platforms. QA teams can efficiently run automated tests across a wide range of devices, operating systems, and network conditions. 

Headed to GDC 2024? Connect with Kobiton!

Kobiton will be in Booth S1369 in the South Hall at GDC 2024, providing demos and explanations for gaming professionals who want to meet the gold standard of mobile gaming app testing. All GDC 2024 attendees are welcome to discuss testing and QA needs while exploring Kobiton’s solutions. Meet with us for a firsthand look at Kobiton’s transformative mobile gaming app testing platform.

We love to answer mobile gaming QA questions. Schedule a time to meet us!

At Kobiton, we are committed to advancing mobile game development and testing. Our partnership with GameDriver addresses the unique challenges of mobile game testing, significantly accelerating time-to-market, ensuring device compatibility, streamlining automation, and optimizing performance. 

Click here to register for a demo or schedule a meeting with Kobiton at GDC 2024.

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