MTES 2024: A Comprehensive Recap of Mobile Testing Innovations

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Insights and Innovations from Mobile Testing and Experience Summit 2024

The Mobile Testing and Experience  Summit (MTES) 2024, hosted by Kobiton, brought together mobile application developers, testers, and leadership from around the world. This year’s event showcased groundbreaking advancements in mobile testing, focusing on automation, AI, and the latest tools and techniques. Here’s a detailed recap of the key sessions and takeaways from the summit.

Pioneering Mobile Testing: Insights from Industry Leaders

Mobile Quality Leaders shared their experiences and strategies for achieving excellence in mobile testing. The sessions provided valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of quality assurance in the mobile industry, covering topics from organizational strategies to the integration of QA in DevOps.

Mobile Excellence at Uber

Mobile Excellence at Uber
Nanda Kishore T, Uber’s Director of Program Management, delved into Uber’s journey towards mobile excellence. He highlighted the importance of continuous improvement and shared strategies for delivering exceptional user experiences. Today, Uber conducts tests on 40,000 test cases weekly, covering critical aspects of the application, including performance, accessibility, and integration.

Championing Automation: How Quality Leaders Can Drive Organizational Support

In a panel moderated by Joe Colantonio, founder of Test Guild, experts Chris Huff, CTO of; Li Rajaramen, Engineering Leader at WeightWatchers; and Jon Robinson, Chief Storyteller at Nekst IT, discussed organizational dynamics and the adoption of automation. They explored how to maintain stakeholder support and drive successful automation initiatives.

Empowering Quality: Why Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility

Nikita Limani, Senior Test Engineer at Medtronic, discussed the evolution of quality assurance from a specific team’s responsibility to a collective organizational effort. She emphasized the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders to prioritize and maintain quality throughout the development process.

Ensuring Quality in DevOps Culture

Sagar Mahendrakar, Software Quality Engineer at Red Hat, addressed the challenges of embedding QA practices within DevOps. He emphasized fostering collaboration, dismantling silos, and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement.

Enabling Technologies: Transforming Mobile Testing with Innovative Solutions

Leaders from top tech companies presented cutting-edge tools and strategies revolutionizing mobile testing. They shared insights on leveraging AI, streamlining testing processes, and optimizing app performance to meet the ever-growing demands of mobile technology and user expectations.

Applitools: Leveraging AI for Mobile App Testing on Real Devices

Martin Kowalewski, leading the Global Sales Engineering team at Applitools, emphasized the critical role of flawless UI/UX in today’s app development landscape. He highlighted the challenges posed by the rapid evolution of mobile technologies and user expectations. Martin introduced the integration of Kobiton into the Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform, showcasing how AI can transform continuous testing across all platforms.

Katalon: Revolutionizing Testing with Generative AI

Alex Martins, VP of Strategy at Katalon, delivered an enlightening session on how AI is revolutionizing mobile testing. He shared practical case studies demonstrating AI’s role in optimizing testing for efficiency and accuracy. Alex provided actionable strategies for integrating AI into existing mobile testing frameworks, preparing attendees for the future of AI-driven testing.

Screen shot from session on practical case studies promoting AI

Appdome: Streamline Cloud Testing of Cybersecurity Features in Mobile Apps

Karen Hsu from Appdome discussed the complexities of testing mobile apps with built-in cybersecurity features. She explained how to eliminate the need to test protected and unprotected builds separately, reducing complexity in automated testing environments and ensuring robust security compliance.

Kobiton: Breaking Barriers in Mobile Test Management

Erin Bailey, Director of Product Management, and Frank Moyer, CTO, introduced a transformative approach leveraging real-device testing, AI-generated scripting, and deep performance insights. They performed a live demo of the new Mobile Test Management capabilities. If you’re interested in using Mobile Test Management for yourself: request a demo.

Testlio: Accessibility and Mobile Testing Tools

This session delves into the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 within the software development community, with considerations for mobile accessibility. Helen Burge, Director of Digital Accessibility, discussed the challenges companies face in incorporating accessibility into their DevOps cycles. She shared insights on viewing accessibility guidelines as a growth opportunity that can lead to improved products and happier customers.

Total Performance: Elevating Mobile App Quality – 5 Essential Steps for Optimal App Performance

Amit Patel, CEO and Zach Sergio, Head of Sales, presented a 5-step checklist for enhancing mobile app performance and reliability. They discussed best practices for preparing apps for real-world network conditions and integrating Kobiton into the DevOps toolchain.

Screen shot of the 5 best practices to enhance mobile performance

Appsurify: Leveraging Risk-based Testing in the Age of AI

Johnston Harris, CEO of Appsurify, explained how AI can help mobile QA teams achieve Shift-Left goals by auto-executing only the tests impacted by developers. This approach addresses the inefficiencies caused by long test cycles and flaky tests, ensuring faster and more reliable feedback loops.

Elevate Your Mobile Testing Strategy Today

The Mobile Testing and Experience Summit 2024 has underscored the pivotal role of innovation in driving the future of mobile application quality. From AI-powered testing solutions to transformative strategies in automation and accessibility, this year’s summit has provided invaluable insights for industry professionals. The shared experiences and forward-thinking approaches from leaders in the field offer a roadmap for navigating the complexities of modern mobile testing.

Embrace these advancements to elevate your testing processes, enhance app performance, and deliver exceptional user experiences. Stay ahead of the curve by integrating these cutting-edge tools and methodologies into your workflows. To gain even deeper insights and equip your team with the knowledge to excel, watch the Mobile Testing and Experience Summit 2024 on demand. Your journey towards mobile excellence starts here.

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