MTES 2023 Recap: A Day of Mobile Testing Excellence

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It’s a Wrap! This week marked the culmination of the Mobile Testing and Experience Summit (MTES) 2023, a virtual event dedicated to exploring the latest trends and innovations in mobile testing and quality assurance. As the sun set on this enlightening day, attendees left with a wealth of insights and actionable takeaways to elevate their mobile testing strategies.

Accessibility needs to be Continuous

David Dame, Senior Director of Product Accessibility, Microsoft, highlighted the importance of continuous accessibility in mobile applications with a powerful message: “We are all going to be disabled one day; I just beat you to it. Design with accessibility for people like me today, and you will be designing it for your future selves.” The session emphasized how addressing accessibility concerns at every stage of development is vital to create inclusive and user-friendly mobile experiences.

David Dame at MTES

Accelerating Testing for Faster, More Reliable Releases

Karen Hsu, SVP Product, Mobile DevOps & Security Solutions at Appdome, Johnston Harris CEO & Co-Founder of Appsurify, Inc., were joined by Kobiton’s Director of Channels Sydney Weber, and Head of Customer Success, Lindsay Eaton as they explored strategies for accelerating testing to ensure faster and more reliable releases. This discussion aimed to help professionals streamline their testing processes to meet the demands of modern software development.

Image of Accelerating Testing for Faster, More Reliable Releases at MTES

Mobile Testing for Gaming at Scale

Shane Evans, CTO of GameDriver, delved into the unique challenges of mobile testing for gaming at scale. With the ever-growing popularity of mobile games, attendees learned how to efficiently test and ensure the quality of mobile gaming experiences.

COEs: Optimizing Infrastructure to Support Internal Customers

Ringo Perez, Senior Software Engineer with nearly 20 years at AT&T discussed the critical role of Centers of Excellence (COEs) in optimizing infrastructure to support internal customers. Attendees discovered how COEs can enhance collaboration and efficiency within organizations.

Image of COEs: Optimizing Infrastructure to Support Internal Customers at MTES

Making the Most of Your Tech Stack: Tips & Tricks for Better Mobile Testing

Billy Cabrera, Senior Solutions Engineer, Kobiton, shared valuable insights on optimizing your tech stack for improved mobile testing. Attendees left with actionable tips and tricks to enhance their testing capabilities.

State of Mobile Automation 2023

Cara Suarez, Head of Product Marketing, Kobiton, led an interactive session unveiling insights from the 2023 Mobile Automation Survey. Attendees had the opportunity to explore emerging trends in mobile test automation and AI-augmented testing and compare their opinions with survey results.

Image of State of Mobile Automation 2023 at MTES

More Than Just Testing, Mobile Beyond QA

Paul Gibbons-Wagner, Sr. Operations Manager of Technical Support at Bluebeam, and Jeniffer Palma, Customer Success Manager at Kobiton delved into the expansive realm of mobile beyond quality assurance. They highlighted the various aspects that extend beyond traditional testing, emphasizing the broader scope of mobile development.

Image of More Than Just Testing, Mobile Beyond QA at MTES

Shifting Left From Anywhere

Li Rajaraman, Senior Manager of Quality Engineering at WeightWatchers explored the concept of shifting left from anywhere. This session focused on the significance of early testing and quality assurance in the mobile development process.

Mobile Excellence: Bringing it All Together

Frank Moyer, CTO, Kobiton, delivered closing remarks, emphasizing the importance of bringing all the insights and strategies together to achieve mobile excellence. He highlighted thought leadership around a Mobile Maturity Model to help organizations improve their journey towards continuous delivery of mobile applications.

Automation Awesomeness: 260 actionable affirmations to improve your QA and automation testing skills

In the final keynote, Joe Colantonio, Founder, Test Guild,  shared key themes from his book, “Automation Awesomeness.” Attendees discovered valuable affirmations to improve their QA and automation testing skills, drawing from Joe’s extensive experience and industry insights.

The Mobile Testing and Experience Summit 2023 was a resounding success, leaving attendees with a trove of knowledge, strategies, and inspiration to enhance their mobile testing and quality assurance efforts. As the sun set on this year’s MTES, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to delivering exceptional mobile experiences to users around the world. 

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