Appium 1.9.1

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Appium 1.9.1 is a patch release. Next version will likely not support Xcode 8.


  • Append the current session identifier to the protocol name prefix in server logs
  • Fix the way current protocol is determined from execute response


  • Support Xcode 10 and iOS 12.0
  • Add a possibility to set container type for Simulator while pushing/pulling files
  • Fix W3C format handling by receiveAsyncResponse command
  • Fix iPhone X Simulator screen recording


  • Fix getStrings for no app
  • Fix screen recording bug
  • Return the current geolocation from getGeoLocation
  • Add mobile:mobileGetDeviceInfo command (UiAutomator2 only)
  • Make ‘by tag name’ selector compatible with View Tag selector (Espresso only)
  • Convert mouse action events to touch actions (Espresso only)

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