8 Productivity Tools For Mobile Web Developers

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8 Productivity tools for mobile web developers

For many software developers, working remotely may already be a regular part of your work schedule. For many of us, COVID-19 has managed to push our work life into uncharted territory. Whether familiar or unfamiliar with a work-at-home arrangement, managing to successfully progress on our development projects while balancing the new normal of meeting from home on Zoom and taking care of children who are in a distance learning arrangement presents a myriad of obstacles to overcome. With that in mind, here are eight productivity apps, tools, and add-ons that mobile web developers can take advantage of to stay on top of their projects.


Right off the rip, Monit allows software developers to keep in touch with activity on their server. Monit lets you take a more hands-off approach to server maintenance, sending notifications and restarting servers with lightning quickness. This software developer productivity tool is useful for daemon processes, as well as other programs that make use of localhost. It has useful cloud features as well, including the ability to monitor network connections to the server.


Haml (short for HTML Abstraction Markup Language) is a templating system that is designed to make developer’s lives more simple. By cleaning up HTML and limiting the need for inline coding, web documents have been simplified to manage hand-typing out templates over and over. It replaces inline template systems such as ASP, PHP, and ERB, most commonly used by mobile web developers in Ruby on Rails applications. It’s a great tool to skip the messiness and streamline the HTML process for developers working from home.


Flynn’s stated goal is to “free everyone from operating software”, something they aim to do by aligning their products with your projects so that software developers can focus solely on writing their apps. By automatizing operating software through an open-source platform, the product allows developers to run applications directly from their code so the need for building customs stacks for each and every app is eliminated. Time-consuming efforts in configuration management and deployment are all capable of being controlled through Flynn, making it a great way for mobile web developers to maximize their productivity.


Sick of sourcing images for your site? It’s a tedious task that can wind up consuming hours for developers that inevitably get pulled down the rabbit hole of aesthetics. Pictura covers your bases by allowing software developers to search for the perfect image for their website without ever having to exit the designing tools. Pictura creates a new layer with the picture, ready to be displayed on your website in a snap.


Rollerblade is an excellent quickening tool for shopping apps, giving users the ability to create 360-degree views of images with relative ease. It’s easily integrated to a website for a user for 360-degree images to roll themselves or be rolled by the user. Designed to work with mobile app development, developers can rejoice at how quickly full-scale images can be created for app users.

Play Framework

Play Framework is an ideal way to bridge the gap between working in Java and Scala with your development. Built using Akka, this developer-friendly app uses minimal source consumption that is predictable, perfect for highly-scalable purposes. Using only a browser and text editor, you can make changes to your code on mobile and web apps with scalability addressed as you go.

CSS Guidelines

For the experienced software developer, this productivity tool helps you stay current on the latest CSS syntax and formatting so that you can ensure the delivery of a high-quality mobile or web application.

Sublime Text

This final software development productivity tool is all about maintaining focus. With a ‘distraction mode’ to manage productivity, as well as a comfortable interface that aims to ease the burden on your eyes as you work, this app is all about lightening the load.

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