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At Kobiton we understand that you don’t select a tool for the sake of selecting some new technology. Instead, you select a platform and company to help you drive positive outcomes for your business. We take this to heart everyday, and that’s why we’re proud to be working with companies such as these:

How Kobiton helps drive outcomes.

Improve the customer experience.

Whether due to increasing competition, product commoditization or price pressure, companies are differentiating themselves based on the customer experience.

Investing in the customer experience makes good business sense. According to Forrester, “experience-driven” businesses see almost a 2x YoY growth in customer retention and customer lifetime value. Conversely, 57% of customers switched to a competitor…not because of a better product or price, but because of a better customer experience.

And with today’s “always-on” digital customer, the mobile channel is often the primary touchpoint to your customers. And no amount of investment in CX will overcome a poor Mobile Experience (MX).

Any comprehensive CX initiative should take a close look at the mobile channel, and ensure that your organization is delivering a perfect mobile experience.

At Kobiton, we help organizations deliver the perfect mobile experience and have a strong understanding of aligning with your CX initiatives.

Improve revenue and conversions on the Mobile channel.

For many companies, the mobile channel is either already their largest channel, and if not, it is quite often their fastest growing channel.

Yet, somewhat surprisingly, 1 in 4 apps are abandoned after first use. And when you factor in customer (or “app”) acquisition costs, high abandonment affects not only your top line but also your bottom line.

Retailers also experience high shopping cart abandonment, often due to app issues on various devices, from incorrect product renderings to the inability to complete the check-out process.

Kobiton works with some of the largest global retailers and mobile-critical organizations to deliver solutions that drive down app abandonment, improve retention and dramatically increase conversions.

Improve release efficiency.

There is tremendous pressure to release software more frequently, without compromising quality. In a recent industry survey conducted by Kobiton, over 54% of respondents stated they are releasing their app updates on a weekly or DAILY basis, with 33% on a monthly basis.

Amazon is widely stated to be pushing code to production every 11.6 seconds! And while that is an extreme example for most organizations, the truth is that release more frequently with high quality is more important than ever. As such, companies need to look for ways to improve their release efficiency.

Modern approaches such as DevOps have matured the release cycle tremendously. And now with the advent of continuous testing, it provides a thorough operating model under which to develop and release software.

The Kobiton platform not only integrates to all major DevOps platforms, we actually enable continuous testing. Today, building test scripts take time and are very fragile, requiring updates with every release – not a good formula in a modern day DevOps environment. With Kobiton, automated “DevOps” ready test scripts can be created directly from your manual test sessions!

Join companies such as Office Depot and Cap Gemini who rely on Kobiton to build perfect mobile experiences.

Improve compliance.

Many organizations are operating in highly regulated environments, or are otherwise needing to ensure compliance.

Not only is it imperative to deliver a perfect mobile experience to your customers, mobile apps also need to adhere to a slew of new complex regulatory requirements such as the CCPA.

One of the largest national airlines in the United States recently narrowly avoided a $37million fine when their mobile app did not properly display the required privacy policy.

Another software provider in the healthcare industry needed to deal with HIPPA requirements related to their in-app messaging – to ensure proper compliance required extensive device testing.

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