November 2021 Product Update

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November is here! Just a few more days to the beginning of the holiday season, and the end of 2021!  As we come to the close of 2021, we are excited to bring you our second to the last release of the year. Keep reading for some of the highlights!

User History

Activity monitoring provides insight into how users are accessing and utilizing the product and is often one of the first lines of defense against security threats across various companies and multiple verticals.

In Role-Based Access Control, User History data displays a range of user and device activities, e.g., user login/logouts, when a user was created, and when devices are retained and released.

Device Internet check via desired capability

Device health checks, including internet connectivity, are available for each device on the portal. Helpful when launching a device from the portal’s Device list, but not so when running tests via scripts.

To ensure that devices running script-based automated sessions don’t fail because of a lack of internet connection, we’ve introduced the #failIfNoInternet desired capability.

When set to true, an automated session will end if the device does not have an internet connection, saving you from the hassle of having to re-run a script due to no internet on a device.

A more detailed device bundle

NOVA’s device bundles aim to broaden test coverage and get your test’s completed faster by suggesting devices that are available and are OS compatible when triggering a test run. With Kobiton’s November release, we have added minimum OS versions to its selection criteria, as well, to further optimize NOVA’s device bundles suggestions.

Based on the minimum accepted OS version (if available on the app), NOVA’s device bundle will suggest devices that meet that criteria and eliminate devices from the test run that are not suitable for the app.

Application Privacy Permissions

We understand that team structures vary from company to company-  which may have caused our public or private application settings to not suffice when it came to organizations hoping to have more control over an app’s visibility.

To give organizations finer control over an application within the company, we’ve broken down the permission into three categories:

  • Access to organization (default): Every user within the organization may view, access, and download the app
  • Allow access to team(s): Assign access to specific teams- only users within that specific team may view, access, and download the app
  • Allow only me to access: Access to the application is limited to the user who uploaded the app. No other users may view, access, or download the app

Transfer organization owner privileges

Organization owners can now transfer the org owner role to an admin within the organization. Once the role is transferred, the original org owner will become an admin and will not be able to reverse the change.

App Repository Changes

Updates to the App Repository in this release include:

  • The ability to download an app – great for helping users set up their own local environment
  • Timestamps for uploaded apps
  • Enhanced search- users may now search specific app IDs, or automation snippets, to quickly search and find the associated app

Added Version Support

To broaden your test coverage we’ve added the following device support:

  • iOS 15.0.2 and 15.1, which will run on Xcode 13
  • Android 12
  • Chromedriver 95

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier in this post, we have one release to go in 2021, which keeps with our aim to deliver an easy-to-use, robust, and resilient testing tool. And although we are all looking forward to the holiday season and time off, we are also excited to solidify our product plans for 2022 to provide a comprehensive testing tool that gets you to market faster!

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