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Deliver a differentiated mobile experience

Differentiate yourself amongst an over-crowded app store


Any company operating in the Gaming industry understands the unique challenges associated with a highly-saturated market. Customers expect the highest quality and a new experience with every update, and are willing to jump to the next game in-line if those demands aren't met. Gaming companies have to balance this demand for speed and quality while operating in an environment in which zero IP can leak into the public without serious consequences to revenue and market share.

Dynamic content has to work everywhere

Unlike other, more static UI's, most games require heavy amounts of dynamic content. Given that your users are playing across many different kinds of devices, operating systems, screen orientations, etc., it is absolutely crucial to make sure that your dynamic content looks and works well no matter what.

Protect your IP

For Gaming companies, the ability to protect your intellectual property is paramount. For many, this means that devices must be kept under lock-and-key and cannot leave the premise upon which it is being tested. Ensuring that you have the necessary levels of protection available when choosing a deployment option is non-negotiable.

Don't just be a great experience. Be the first experience.

Gaming organizations are in an era of differentiating themselves based on both the quality of the release and the speed at which that innovation can be delivered to into the hands of users. Being able to deliver that experience quickly and become the "first" high quality experience is crucial when capturing market share.

Poor app store ratings

A negative app store review can have a lasting impact. With 1 in 4 apps being abandoned after first use, the likelihood of your new game receiving negative reviews increases, ultimately hurting app adoption and app store discoverability.

How Kobiton helps Gaming companies deliver a perfect mobile experience


The Kobiton Mobile Experience Platform is designed to help Gaming organizations deliver flawless mobile gameplay and visual experiences. We'll also help you deliver your games and updates faster, opening up the door to market share only available to the first among many. Kobiton is also uniquely designed to be deployed in the most sensitive, most "under-lock-and-key" environments. From world-class security to optional fully on-premises deployment, Kobiton will keep your intellectual property safe.

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