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Enhance mobile game performance with next-gen entertainment app testing


When’s the last time you went to the app store to look for an app?

They are overcrowded with entertainment and gaming apps that saturate the market, making it harder for consumers to distinguish between excellent and poor mobile experiences. With Kobiton, you can boost your mobile testing and implementation practices to provide next-generation mobile experiences that your customers will love.

Kobiton offers comprehensive mobile testing services to streamline growing back-end demands. If you are a growing name in the entertainment or gaming vertical, starting off with a solid game plan - and accumulating the resources to pull it off - can help you keep up with exigent consumers who are always on the lookout for the next thrill.

Deliver a Flawless, Dynamic, and Supercharged Mobile App Experience

By utilizing our customizable mobile game performance testing, you can give your gaming organization the advantage by creating flawless, dynamic, next-level content that has never been seen before on the market. But the front-facing customer experience is only half the battle; it’s also critical that you establish a secure testing method to protect your IPs until you are ready to release your app into the world.

Create Next-Generation Experiences and Protect Your IP

By utilizing our customizable mobile game performance testing, you can give your gaming organization the advantage by creating flawless, dynamic, next-level content that has never been seen before on the market. But the front-facing customer experience is only half the battle; it’s also critical that you establish a secure testing method to protect your IPs until you are ready to release your app into the world.


Don’t Just Be a Great Experience - Be the FIRST Experience

Interactive entertainment is at its height of popularity, and the average consumer is quick to look for the next experience. Your app needs a powerful hook to make a first impression so good that the majority of your customer base will not abandon your app after a single use.

Innovation combined with stellar entertainment app testing can get you ahead of the game, giving you a running leg up on your competitors. Don’t just be another great mobile experience - be the first fully dynamic and flawlessly functional mobile app of its kind.


Companies in other verticals might be able to get away with more static UIs, but the very nature of the gaming industry revolves around constant change and app rapid testing. For gaming apps, it is critical to work not just on one or two types of devices, but a diverse array of real and virtual devices all across the world.


Your intellectual property is the lifeblood of your company, so it’s important that it stays protected. Kobiton doesn’t just offer quick testing services and automation scripts; we provide top-notch security measures to ensure that your property remains safe during cloud or on-premises testing. You don’t have to worry about bugs or leaks reaching your consumers with our secure mobile game performance testing.

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Differentiate Yourself and Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

As a gaming organization, you are faced with the unique challenge of having to keep up with fast-changing consumer entertainment needs while maintaining enough resources to support dynamic back-end testing solutions such as app rapid testing and streaming tests.

If you are looking to be the next big game that can deliver a smooth experience to players while protecting its intellectual property against a security breach, there are a number of direct services and test cases for mobile games that Kobiton can provide for you:

Kobiton Key Features

Any large or growing organization in the fintech vertical will likely want to reduce the number of incoming vendors while maintaining what they have to limit on-premises competition. A number of key testing and implementation features can help you integrate the most important tech for your company - and maintain the required compliances that go along with it.

Accessibility Testing

Visual and audio components typically make up a huge part of the overall mobile experience, and it’s important that your app is ADA-compliant to meet accessibility standards across your audiences. From text-to-speech implementations to the addition of extra buttons, there are a number of accessibility features that can easily be tested and added to your mobile app package.


Most apps involving user accounts and data require biometrics compatibility. This can be in the form of facial ID, thumbprint recognition, or a combination of the two.

FPS Testing

FPS can make or break the gaming experience for even the most casual of players. FPS, or frames per second, is a measure of how quickly the framerate is processed by the device. It is essential that functional mobile testing includes FPS testing at 30 and 60 frames per second, as this is a requirement for most streaming tests and gaming services to properly function.

Geolocation Testing

If you are creating a location-based service that requires the user to use a geolocation tag, you can implement easy geolocation testing with Kobiton. Atlas Reality, Pokemon Go, and similar games use geolocation technology to help you interact with your environment through the game in real time.

Network Testing

Most games and entertainment services require the user to be connected to the Internet through either their network or their WiFi router. Get easy and streamlined testing on network devices in different configurations, and set your devices up for network throttling for full-service remote testing. Set up multiple instances and use cases at once in a number of locations so your game can reach every corner of the globe.

On-Premises and Cloud Testing

A variety of secure, on-premises testing solutions let you turn QA into an advantage over your competitors as you can use it to ensure your app is functional and safe. Our safety features allow you to test every part of your mobile app under lock and key to prevent any risk of your intellectual property getting leaked.

Performance Testing

Kobiton’s mobile game performance testing tools let you optimize your app for the individual user, utilizing smart and real-time data to cater to the ever-changing needs of the gaming community. This not only ensures that your app is delivering a flawless experience as intended, but that it is staying engaged with your users to prevent growing app abandonment rates.

Real-Device Testing

Try out both manual and automated test cases for mobile games on real devices. Kobiton allows you to connect hundreds of devices at once with lightning-fast speeds. Furthermore, you can gain secure remote access to any and all of these devices from wherever you want, allowing you to test any part of your app while on the go.

Streaming requires a lot of real-time cooperation and bandwidth from your devices. Our streaming tests will make sure that the app launches correctly, streams video correctly, accurately pinpoints...

Transactional Testing

If you are like most entertainment and gaming operations, you handle some form of transaction inside of your app. Whether your users pay you to utilize streaming services or they are making in-app purchases to supplement their gaming experience, you need to ensure that this process goes off without a hitch. Secure transactions can be tested and managed through our protected data center.

Visual Testing

Performance and functionality are two vital components of a successful gaming app, but what can save the integrity of your program as well as prevent poor customer reviews is a breathtaking visual experience. With visual testing, ensure your app looks as beautiful as intended across all types of devices and screen sizes before showing it off to your loyal consumers. Make sure your UI and UX work together in a savvy way that easily guides the user through the app experience. This is how you can become an industry first.

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Kobiton makes it easier than ever to get started with the right mobile testing tools. Improve your app from the back end to the front, and give your customers an entertainment experience that they have never had before. Learn more about personalizing your own testing solution by contacting us online today.

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