Functional Testing

Flexible Functional Testing. Made for Mobile.

Make sure that your app works as expected with multiple options for automated and manual functional testing. Run scripted test automation on Kobiton devices using popular open-source tools and frameworks. Or, harness the power of our NOVA AI Engine to create scriptless test automation.

Manual? Scriptless? Scripted?

Test how you see fit. We'll make you better at it.

More than just tools, we provide empowerment. This means that no matter how you want to test, we are going to make your Functional Test automation more productive and drive more value for your business.

Go from manual to automated > 10x faster.

Scriptless Automation with the AI engine that's actually AI

Access your app's UI via real devices for multiple kinds of Functional Testing (Exploratory Testing, Regression Testing, etc). Then, harness the power of our NOVA AI Engine to capture your session, turn it into an automated test, and then navigate it across your library of real devices for automatic crash detection and remediation.

We love open-source and scripted solutions.

Make existing scripted solutions more productive

We know that some teams, Testers, and Developers find success with scripted automation. So, we built a platform that's 100% open-source, script, and custom framework friendly.

Run your scripted tests on the industry’s best device cloud and on-premises Mobile Lab, explore results with the industry’s coolest Session Exploration, and plug it all into your CI/CD pipelines with ease.

Where scriptless meets scripted.

The NOVA AI Engine for teams who love test scripts

We’ve built the NOVA AI engine to help more than just the manual tester. With NOVA, you can easily create a 100% open-standard Appium script. From there, do whatever you want with it. Add your own assertions, if/then statements, run it against competitors' devices, or even sell it. It's your code. Use it how you want.

The Kobiton Session Explorer.

Make testing fun again with the
best Session Exploration around

Finding bugs and defects is fun. However, digging through endless screenshots and test logs isn’t. That’s why we made a Session Exploration tool so groundbreaking that we had to make a video about it.

The Kobiton Intelligent Quality Suite empowers comprehensive Mobile Testing across devices

Because every paying customer expects your app to work on their device.

Functional Testing with Compatibility Testing baked in

With Kobiton, you can bake-in Compatibility Testing across devices, operating systems, and form factors with a simple click of a button.

The NOVA AI engine is able to capture your Functional Test and then intelligently navigate and execute that test across your library of real devices to ensure the utmost compatibility. And yes, no code required.

Keep your app from misbehaving in the real world.

Compatibility Testing and Automated Crash Detection

Even the best designed App may crash or perform poorly on certain device and operating system combinations. After all, with literally thousands of device permutations, the likelihood of a misbehaved app increases.

Kobiton allows you to quickly replay your automation test on hundreds of devices to find compatibility issues. And with built-in integration to your defect management system, you can have a ticket automatically created, with the debug session attached.

Test for every real-world scenario.

Parameterize your tests with Kobiton Data-Driven Testing

Easily parameterize your automated Functional Tests, with no scripting required. Before your scriptless test automation is executed, tell our AI which datasets you want to test against and validate throughout the course of the automated test execution.

Comprehensive quality.

Explore the rest of our quality suite.


Real-device testing

When the quality of your mobile experience directly impacts the quantity of new revenue captured, it’s important to test on the devices that your customers actually use.


Visual Testing

Kobiton offers the world's most comprehensive mobile Visual Testing solution. Catch functional issues that render visually, stop visual issues that slip past Functional tests, and optimize your mobile UI and UX for picture-perfect releases.

Performance Testing

Optimize mobile application performance to drive better app store ratings, lower app abandonment, and capture more revenue on mobile channels. Kobiton Performance Testing makes it easy.

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