Testing Your Way

Manual and Automation Testing on Real Devices

Real Devices

Test on the Real Devices You Want, When You Need Them
Get the most accurate results by testing mobile and Web applications on the latest devices. Go beyond emulators to get the most insight into the real user experience.
Market Coverage
From iOS to Android, you can run manual or automation tests on real mobile devices, including a wide range of screen sizes and operating systems. View the complete device list here.

Superior Performance

Natural Gestures
You can perform all the gestures you need to test on a real device. Tap, swipe, and scroll on a cloud device, simply and naturally.
Best in class performance and responsiveness allows you to test as if the device is in hand.

Customizable Test Cloud

Device Lab Management
Our Device Lab Management (DLM) feature allows you to easily connect internal devices, creating your own Local test cloud. With centralized testing activity that is shareable across teams & locations, DLM can increase the collaboration and efficiency of your team.
Flexible Test Cloud
Scale your testing capacity and customize your mobile test cloud by combining internal devices with Kobiton cloud devices, all on one platform.

Rich Test Logs

Automatically capture test steps, screenshots and videos to enrich your test data
Easy access to device logs, Appium logs, network activities (HAR files)
Historical test execution sessions stored for reports and bug submission

Agile Test Enabler

Consolidated test platform for Web,
hybrid and native mobile apps
Enables mobile automation with the latest Appium and Selenium frameworks
Supports parallel automation execution
with mobile testing tools

Optimized Efficiency

Smart App Directory
Upload and access the mobile application you need to test quickly and easily with our App Repository.
Our simple to use tool allows you to upload your app directly or through your build process so you can start testing in minutes.
Detailed Activity Logs
When you are finished with your manual or automation test, review your complete test session activity logs, screenshots and videos to help your team identify and resolve issues faster.

Powerful APIs

We provide comprehensive support for Appium, the leading tool for mobile automation. We have also partnered with Katalon Studio, a highly acclaimed and innovative test automation tool.
Our powerful API and built in automation tools enable you to implement automation testing, making continuous delivery a reality. Download all of your team's testing activity logs as well as the complete list of cloud devices while staying up to date on the latest releases and features.

Secure Platform

App-Ray Partnership
Security is huge priority for us, which is why we partner with security leaders like App-Ray. With App-Ray's innovative security technology, you can scan and analyze your mobile application for any potential security issues, protecting your users from potentially damaging breaches.
Platform Security
Understanding any security gaps are the first step to protect you and your users from potentially damaging breaches. Our mobile device cloud devices are hosted in a highly secure data center that is SOC2, SOC3 and HIPPA compliant while our Kobiton development center is ISO27001 certified, ensuring that we protect our client's IP to the highest standards.