Test on real iOS and Android devices, because life doesn’t happen in a simulator
Plug in and manage internal devices anytime from anywhere
Boost collaboration and accelerate problem solving by sharing results with your team
Save time and money by managing internal and external devices in one place

Manual Testing

Complete control of mobile devices
Allows for multi-touch gestures, orientation and GPS simulations as well as camera and speaker control.

Automatically records all test sessions
Creates a complete activity log with real-time performance benchmarks to capture all actions performed in the app.

Enhanced remote control experience
Optimized rendering rate and availability of devices based on your connection quality and location.

Automated Testing

Test on more devices with less effort
Execute tests on Kobiton mobile devices without modifying your test script.

Detailed reporting of testing sessions
All automated testing executions are captured and reported using commands, logs, screenshots and metadata.

Access to all test session history in one place
Historic testing session activity is accessible for you and your team whenever you need it.

Device Lab Management

Access your devices anytime, from anywhere
Plug in and manage your devices all in one place, no matter where you are.

Scale your resources with more combinations and configurations
Get more device options by supplementing your internal capacity with Kobiton cloud devices.

Easy to set up and get started quickly
Simply download the Kobiton Desktop app and start adding your devices to the platform.