Product Update: Kobiton December 2020 update overview

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Product update: kobiton December 2020 update overview

Kobiton December 2020 Platform update: A new AI Engine, Intelligent Quality Suite, Performance Testing, and more!

Our biggest release of the year is here, and we are really excited to tell you about it! Our latest platform release includes a new AI engine, Performance Testing capabilities, the next step we are taking in Visual Testing, and more! While this blog will serve as a general high-level overview, check out these blogs for a deep dive into the major new solutions that you can now make use of with Kobiton:

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The NOVA AI Engine: driving the next generation of Mobile Experience

Today, we released our new AI Engine into the wild. Its name is NOVA. NOVA has been learning in the background, crunching data from 80,000,000+ examples of mobile quality successes and failures, and it’s now here to drive the next generation of Mobile Experience across the entire SDLC. To learn more about everything that you can do with the new Kobiton AI Engine, check out the Unveiling NOVA blog.

Comprehensive Quality has a brand new name: The Kobiton Intelligent Quality Suite

If you’re looking to ensure a high-quality mobile experience for your customers, you can’t just throw resources at “testing.” Thinking about testing as a one-word kind of a solution is misleading, especially in the mobile world. When a potential customer first interacts with your mobile product, they’re going to expect an experience that functions both as planned and in a usable manner, performs at high-speed while dealing with everyday data transactions, and looks perfect at each and every screen. And, of course, all of this has to be consistent across the vast array of device types that your customers use around the world.

When you look at the “Mobile Testing” market, there are some tools that might try and address one or two of these areas, but there hasn’t been a vendor that can offer it all. Until now. With the addition of new Performance Testing capabilities around payload capture, and after hearing about all of the ways that Kobiton customers are using the platform to ensure comprehensive quality, we’ve introduced the next-generation of our Mobile Quality solution: The Kobiton Intelligent Quality Suite.

For more information, I recommend you check our “Introducing the Intelligent Quality Suite” blog as well as checking out the Quality Suite-specific update blog for an in-depth dive into the new features. However, here is a quick overview of what you’ll read about:

  • Payload capture for manual and Appium tests: Kobiton now captures information around payload request and response for every manual or Appium automated test,
  • We’ll tell you what beautiful is: The NOVA AI Engine now empowers you to go beyond visual validation with each scriptless test that you run. Access comparison around your UI to the world’s best, and receive AI-driven recommendations on how to further optimize your mobile product’s UX.
  • Scriptless automation on mobile-browser: Kobiton scriptless automation now works for mobile-browser!
  • Live View for scriptless automation: You can now watch your scriptless automation execute in real time with our new Live View!
  • Data-driven Testing for drop-down menus and “element visible” validation: Parameterize your scriptless tests with extra support around drop-down menus and validation of visible elements.

Device Lab Management updates

We’ve added some really exciting new solutions around our Device Lab Management and Kobiton Portal UX. While the DLM-specific blog will go into more detail, here is a quick overview of what you can expect to read:

  • Payload information in the Session Explorer: Review in-depth information around payload request and response and empower mobile performance testing across your organization!
  • Device tagging API: Use our new Device tagging API to group and identify devices that you can tell Appium to run automated tests across.
  • New IDE plugins are coming soon: We’ve built two new Kobiton IDE plugins that are going to make ADB debugging much easier, and we plan to unroll them by the end of 2020.

Wrapping up

We hope that you enjoyed this Kobiton platform update blog! It’s important to note that this is our shorter overview blog. For more information on each of the areas discussed, make sure to check out the deep dive blogs!

If you want an exhaustive list of everything that we have released, as well as in-depth technical walk-throughs, check out the release notes on our support portal. Also, we are running a Product Update webinar on Thursday, December 17th, 2020 that you won’t want to miss. The link to register is here.

Please do let us know what you think of these updates! We can’t wait to hear about how you use these new solutions to further empower high-quality mobile experiences for your customers.

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