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I am excited to share the news about some important changes we have made to Kobiton.  

Starting today, Kobiton is offering developers and businesses easier, more flexible ways to get the mobile app testing minutes and features they need at affordable prices.  

For independent developers, this means the ability to purchase prepaid buckets of testing minutes that never expire.  No commitment or contracts required.  Buy the manual and automated testing minutes you need, use them whenever you want, add more when you’re ready – it’s that easy.

For growing businesses, we are now offering customizable monthly pricing plans that give you the flexibility you want. Businesses can choose the options they need – testing minutes only, device management only, or a combination of both. Companies can adjust their monthly minutes as they see fit with plans that start as low as $49 a month for 500 testing minutes or just $30 a month for a device management slot.

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As developers and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that building a company doesn’t always go as planned.  Even with regular release cycles, there are times when more testing capacity and time is needed and others when your minutes sit unused.  That’s why we are introducing rollover minutes for all Business plan subscribers.  They’re your minutes. You should be able to keep them and use them when you need to without feeling like you are losing your investment.  

We will still offer all of the competitive features you have come to expect from us, including access to the latest, real Android and iOS devices, the ability to conduct both manual and automated testing, and automatically generated activity logs that allow you to fix issues faster. We also provide internal device lab management, giving companies a more effective way to manage their internal devices across teams and locations.

The core of these changes came down to two things that are at the heart of our Kobiton values.  Our commitment to listening and exceeding the expectations of our community, and creating innovative solutions to address critical problems affecting developers and businesses.  As a growing startup, we are only as good as you, our customers, say we are.  

Our mission has always been to empower developers and businesses to build great products faster.  

Our mission has always been to empower developers and businesses to build great products faster.  We believe this starts with building better, more flexible  tools and features that focus on making testing easier and more affordable.

To learn more about these changes, visit our updated Pricing Page or review the latest release notes in our documentation. When you’re ready, I’d like to invite you to enroll in a free trial, no credit card required, to experience the Kobiton difference first hand.

And as always, thanks for being part of the Kobiton community.



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Vu Lam is the Founder of Kobiton and has been a technology entrepreneur for more than 20 years. In addition to Kobiton, Vu founded KMS Technology, an Atlanta-based onshore/offshore product development and testing firm with service operations out of Vietnam, as well as QASymphony, a modern software testing platform built for agile teams.

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